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Solve Acoustic Problems in a Noisy HallThe Company:

Sound Reduction Systems Ltd

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Sound Reduction Systems Ltd are manufacturers and installers of high-performance acoustic materials with over 40 years’ experience in the industry and a market leading technical team.

The Problem:

Many village halls can experience excessive reverberation and echo due to the amount of hard surface finishes found within. The resulting build-up of noise is not only uncomfortable for users but can cause issues with speech intelligibility or people with conditions sensitive to excess noise. An unpleasant acoustic environment can have serious repercussions in terms of reducing visitor numbers and lost revenue.

Thankfully, the solution is often very simple…

Get Your FREE Report and Quote:

SRS offer all village halls FREE OF CHARGE, no obligation site visits, reports and quotes to treat their acoustic problem. SRS use in house acoustic modelling software to predict the reverberation time of halls and how much material is required to solve the problem. They only need to know the size of the room in question, the surface finishes within and some photos to calculate this - You can get this information to us in one of 4 ways:

  1. Fill in the online form -

  2. Email us with your details, rooms dimensions and photos –

  3. Call us on 01204 380074 to give us the information over the phone.

  4. Get in touch to organise a free of charge site visit where we will gather all the information ourselves.

SRS also offer all village halls a 10% discount code for all order placed in 2023. Simply use ‘VILLHALL-10’ when you place your order to redeem.

The Products:

SRS Manufacture a range of Class-A rated decorative acoustic absorbers under their Sonata range:

Sonata Aurio: An effective, economical and extremely robust Class-A rated absorber that can be directly bonded to ceiling and walls. Download the Aurio datasheet here.

Sonata Vario: A premium performance, Class-A rated absorber that can be suspended from the ceiling on clips or wires and can be bracket mounted to walls. The Sonata Vario panels can be removed and re-used once installed. Download the Vario datasheet here.

Sonata Memo: A range of Class-A rated, ‘pinnable’ notice boards suitable for use where the ceiling is not accessible and wall space is at a premium. Download the Memo datasheet here.

Useful Links:

Watch the video:  Watch a typical installation and listen to a demonstration of the performance of Sonata panels here:

See our work: View a gallery of our work here:

Looking for Grants or Funding? If you are planning to apply for funding or a grant to facilitate the acoustic treatment, you can download the SRS Guide to Funding here:

Village Hall Project Profiles and Testimonials:

Drakes Broughton Village Hall

Bassenthwaite Parish Room

All Saints Community Centre

Margach Community Hall

Westhill Community Church

Kensington Baptist Church

St Mary’s Church Hall

Auchterderran Church Hall

Marton Methodist Hall

Chorlton Scout Hut

Teddington Scouts

Menai Bridge Scout & Guide Community Hall

Southport Salvation Army Hall

Woolwich Evangelical Church

Rudford & Highleadon Village Hall

The Styx Centre

LLanfyndd & Ffrith Community Centre

Sutton Under Whitestonecliffe Village Hall

Tiddington Community Centre

Brigsteer Village Hall

Download a copy of this guide in PDF format here: Solve The Acoustic Problem In Your Noisy Hall

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