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Reverberation - in extreme cases becoming echo - is a common problem in many situations: Classrooms, multipurpose community halls, call centres and open plan offices.

Sonata Vario Absorbers are a practical and cost-effective way of controlling reverberation.

Key Benefits:

  • BB93 Solution
  • Class A rated Acoustic Absorption
  • Up to 50% improved sound absorption over directly bonded absorbers
  • Enhanced acoustic performance at low frequency
  • Versatile - fits in any orientation: wall or ceiling inc sloping; portrait or landscape
  • Simple to install and to remove for decoration, access or relocation
  • Overcomes surface obstructions via the rear airspace i.e. ducting and services
  • Visually pleasing - available in a choice of sizes and colours
  • No mineral fibre is used in the manufacture of Sonata Vario absorbers

The Sonata Vario absorber is a unique design offering simplicity of installation for either walls or ceilings - and with enhanced acoustic performance in mind.

The Sonata Vario absorber comprises technical acoustic foam bonded to a rear metal support frame which is prefinished with precision laser-cut fixing apertures.
Sonata Vario absorbers are designed to be installed onto either walls or ceilings and in either portrait or landscape orientation. For installation onto walls, the Vario mounting brackets are required. For installation onto ceilings, the Vario Suspension Pack is required.

To view the attractive range of Trilogy fabric colours available please click here: Sonata Vario Trilogy Fabric Colours

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Sonata Vario Downloads

Sonata Vario Datasheet
Sonata Vario Installation Guide
Sonata Vario Fabric Colour Card

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