Key Benefits
  • Up to class A acoustic absorption performance. Fully tested at the University of Salford
  • UK Manufactured
  • Available in a range of high-quality timber-veneered finishes
  • Fire rated to EN 13501-1
  • Easy to install with basic tools
  • Only 22mm thick

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Sonaslat is a high quality timber slatted acoustic absorption panel for use on walls and ceilings within buildings.  Sonaslat can be used within homes and offices to keep reverberation in check whilst creating a stunning visual effect.  Up to Class A acoustic absorption performance can be achieved depending on the method of installation.

Sonaslat is manufactured in the UK from high quality, timber veneered, MDF slats, and a black, fire rated polyester felt backing.  Sonaslat is available in a range of attractive finishes to suit all kinds of projects.

Sonaslat fixed directly to wall:

Absorber Type Absorber Thickness Weighted Sound Absorption Coefficient Absorber Class
Sonaslat 22mm 0.30 D

Sonaslat fixed over 50x50mm timber battens and Maxi Slab 50 infill:

Absorber Type Absorber Thickness Weighted Sound Absorption Coefficient Absorber Class
Sonaslat 72mm 1.00 A

Tested to BS EN ISO 354:2003 and rated to BS EN ISO 11654:1997. Test References: 05792-6277 and 05792-6278, University of Salford 2023.

Adhering Sonaslat panels directly to the wall:

By far the quickest method to install Sonaslat directly to a wall is with Sonatac adhesive. The is should be applied to the rear of the panel using a sealant gun. Typically, 2no 300ml tubes of Sonatac are required per panel of Sonaslat. Once applied, the Sonaslat panel can then be offered up to the wall and pressure applied until the adhesive ‘grabs’ the panel and it holds in position. The adhesive should fully cure within 24 hours.

Screw fixing Sonaslat panels directly to the wall: To mechanically fix Sonaslat to walls and partitions SRS recommend using black screws fixed through the acoustic felt part of the product, into the wall behind. SRS recommend fixings at 200mm intervals across the width of the panel and 800mm intervals down the length of the panel, giving a total of 12no screws per Sonaslat panel.

Screw fixing Sonaslat panels onto timber battens:

Class A acoustic absorption performance can be achieved by using Maxi Slab 50 mineral wool and timber battens behind Sonaslat panels. The recommended method of installation is to secure 50x50mm timber battens at 600mm centres horizontally across the wall using appropriate fixings.

Appropriate fixings that suit the construction being fixed to should be used, depending on whether it is plasterboard or masonry. During installation always rember to wear appropriate PPE and, if drilling into the wall, always check for electrical wires before commencing.

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