Maxideck Acoustic Flooring

Key Benefits
  • Maxideck offers high levels of airborne and impact insulation when used on timber floors
  • Maxideck can be used to comply with Part E 2003
  • Maxideck is great for refurbishment and conversion projects
  • Maxideck is suitable for New Build
  • Maxideck is easy to install
  • Minimum increase in floor height - only 28mm in thickness
  • Maxideck can be used in kitchens and bathrooms

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Maxideck is an extremely high-performance acoustic flooring system, designed to deal predominately with the problem of airborne noise (TV, Music Speech) travelling through floors. Maxideck is 28kg per SQM, and it is this mass that ensures it is the highest performing system of its type on the market. Maxideck can also offer some impact noise (Footsteps, etc.) reduction, but if this is your main problem, please see our Acoustilay flooring system.

Maxideck is suitable for a wide range of projects and can be used in conjunction with many different floor finishes:

Domestic / Residential / Noisy Neighbour: Maxideck is perfect for people who want to introduce the highest level of sound insulation to their properties.

Building Regulations Part E / Architectural: Maxideck can be used above many floor/ceiling constructions to help New Build and conversion projects meet their Building Regulations Part E requirements. Acoustic data can be found in the datasheet below.

Commercial / Industrial: Maxideck can also be used in commercial and industrial settings to reduce the transfer of sound through floors and ceilings.

Acoustic Performance

NOTE: SRS Ltd advise that for best results Maxideck is installed above a ceiling comprising two layers of plasterboard on resilient bars (minimum mass per square metre of 20kg/m2), with 100mm Maxi Slab between the joists. The direct fix result is given as information only.

Maxideck Above Rigidly Fixed Plasterboard Ceiling
  Airborne Impact
  DnT,w DnT,w+Ctr L'nT,w
Maxideck Above Rigidly Fixed Plasterboard Ceiling 50 44 61

BS EN ISO 140 Part 4 and rated to BS EN ISO 717 Parts 1&7 test results: Tests carried out by (UKAS) on 13th July 2007: Airborne test number: 1402-1, Impact test number: 1402-2

For full installation guidance, acoustic data and product specifications, please download the Maxideck datasheet. If you are unable to find the information you need, please email your query to or call 01204 380074 for further assistance. 

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