Soundproofing Products for Walls

Noise through walls can be a nuisance in any environment, whether it’s noisy neighbours in a domestic situation or noisy colleagues in neighbouring rooms in an office situation. SRS provides a range of solutions to help with soundproofing for walls along with the expertise necessary to diagnose and resolve your wall soundproofing issues.

Domestic / Noisy Neighbour / Residential (Inc. Building regulations Part E):

Maxiboard is an extremely high performance and versatile soundproofing board. Designed to be used much like plasterboard, Maxiboard can be installed onto timber studwork, masonry and existing plaster using Maxi Resilient Bars to create an isolated frame. Maxiboard can be used to Meet Part E of the Building Regulations or just to improve domestic comfort from noisy neighbours.

Maxiboard: Soundproofing for walls

Maxiboard accessories include Maxislab, high-density mineral fibre cavity infill products and SRS Acoustic Socket Boxes allowing you to maintain the acoustic integrity of a wall with sockets and switches installed.

Commercial / Industrial:

Maxiboard can be used in commercial and industrial environments to soundproof walls between offices or adjoining businesses/properties, amongst many other applications.

Not sure which product you need?

If you are not sure which soundproofing for walls product/system is right for you, or for expert advice on any noise problem, please contact our industry-leading technical team on 01204 380074, fill in the enquiry form here or email

Our Solutions

Maxiboard acoustic board for Walls
Maxiboard acoustic board for Walls logo

Maxiboard acoustic board for Walls

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RD Compliant Acoustic Socket Boxes
RD Compliant Acoustic Socket Boxes logo

RD Compliant Acoustic Socket Boxes

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Maxislab cavity absorber for walls
Maxislab cavity absorber for walls logo

Maxislab cavity absorber for walls

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