Key Benefits
  • Soundstop reduces room to room noise up to 46dB.
  • Soundstop has a sound reduction index of 28dB.
  • Soundstop is easily workable, will form to any contour, and has memory
  • When Soundstop is used as a vertical cavity barrier this avoids treating the whole of the ceiling.
  • Installation of Soundstop causes minimum disruption.
  • Multi-purpose/versatile
  • Soundstop is Ideal for lining plant and machinery enclosures.

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Soundstop is a multi-purpose acoustic barrier, suitable for many applications where the breakout of sound is a problem. In construction, Soundstop is ideal for use in ceiling voids or within partition walls. For machinery, Soundstop can be applied to housings or enclosures and used to wrap noisy services and pipes. Soundstop is pleasant and easy to handle, it is formed by bonding lead or polymeric barrier between two layers of SRS Coustifoam. Soundstop will mould to most contours and with a thickness of only 13-15mm, takes up the minimum of space. Available in various types and finishes to meet defined specifications, Soundstop is a most versatile and efficient sound attenuator.

Soundstop 5 Single Curtain
Rw (dB) Dnc,w (dB)


Soundstop 10 Single Curtain
Rw (dB) Dnc,w (dB)


Tested in accordance with BS 2750 (Part 3) 1980 (BS EN ISO 140-3). Weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw) ranges from 31-34dB. rated according to BS 5821 (Part 1) 1984 (BS EN ISO 717-1). Test carried out at University of Salford Department of Applied Acoustics. Date of test 20/11/89 test ref no: 89/11/17

Tests carried out at the Building Test Centre, East Leake. Date of Test 13.9.95. Test reference no. BTC 2869A. Tested in accordance with BS EN 140-9 1994. Room to room Normalised Weighted Sound Level Difference (Dncw) ranges from 46-47dB. Rated according to BS 5821 (Part 1) 1984 (BS EN ISO 717-1)

For full installation guidance, acoustic data and product specifications, please download the Soundstop datasheet. If you are unable to find the information you need, please email your query to or call 01204 380074 for further assistance.

In the case of noise transfer between offices and classrooms via the suspended ceiling void, if it is not possible to install Soundstop, due to services or the plenum being used for air movement, SRS recommend the use of Soundblocker

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