Key Benefits
  • High performance, quickly improving privacy and reducing noise from adjacent areas
  • Easy to install, simply friction fitted between the soffit and partition head and can be cut to shape with a hand saw
  • Ideal for installation below raised access flooring or above suspended ceilings

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SoundBreaker is a versatile and easy to install solution to cross-talk noise transfer via floor and ceiling voids that can achieve 48dB Dnc,w.

Weighted difference, Dncw dB - 48dB

Tests carried out by The Building Test Centre, 8/6/1993, Test Standard: BS 2750:Part 9:1980, Test Procedure: 2750/3 issue.

Performance when used beneath a raised access floor will be slightly higher due to the attenuation of noise as it passes through the floor.

SoundBreaker is perfect for installation into the void above or below a partition to maintain the acoustic separation potential of the partition itself. It is ideal where smaller voids, such as those found beneath raised access flooring, need to be treated.

SoundBreaker can be cut to shape using a hand saw, though a circular saw is ideal if lots of straight cuts are to be made. SoundBreaker is robust enough to be friction fitted, though it is recommended that the SoundBreaker is bedded top and bottom into a bead of flexible SRS acoustic sealant to ensure airtightness and that all vertical joints and penetrations are treated with the self-adhesive SoundBreaker Cover Strips.

For installations with larger ceiling voids, you may wish to consider the use of one of our flexible acoustic curtains, such as SoundStop or SoundBar, or even our acoustic suspended ceiling system, SoundBlocker.

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