Over 40 Years in the Industry

Sound Reduction Systems Ltd (SRS), or Hartnell and Rose as we were known prior to 1999, has been manufacturing innovative acoustic products in Bolton since 1981 – Over 40 years in the Industry! The vast majority of our acoustic products are for sound insulation, or soundproofing use, but we also offer an excellent range of mineral-fibre free sound absorption products to reduce reverberation within buildings.

We manufacture products for soundproofing floors, soundproofing walls, and soundproofing ceilings. We also have a range of vertical acoustic cavity barriers for use above suspended ceilings and below raised access floors. Our expertise allows us to help customers who have requirements that are out of the ordinary with the bespoke design of acoustic products.

Our biggest brands include:

Acoustilay LogoThe original proprietary flooring underlay system. Acoustilay, one of the most imitated products in the market, has been manufactured by us since the mid-nineties. Installing Acoustilay is the fastest and least disruptive way of improving the sound insulation performance of a floor and gives a great, luxury underlay for your carpet.

MaxiBoard Logo

Maxiboard is a patented composite building board that offers excellent acoustic performance when used on walls, partitions, and ceilings. One of our most popular specifications is the Maxi 60 Ceiling as this offers very reliable acoustic performance and has a 1 hour fire rating.

Maxideck Logo

High performance flooring overlay board, typically used to improve the impact and airborne sound insulation performance of timber joisted floor constrictions. Maxideck can be used to meet the requirements of Part E when used above a resiliently fixed plasterboard ceiling.

Soundblocker Logo

Complete system for improving the sound insulation performance of a mineral fibre tile suspended ceiling – the kind that you find in most offices. Soundblocker can be used to improve speech privacy and reduce the ingress of sound from noisy service within the ceiling void.

Sonata Range Logo

A range of high performance decorative mineral-fibre-free acoustic panels for use within rooms to reduce reverberation and noise. Sonata Aurio and Sonata Vario panels are commonly used within school halls, dining rooms, sports hall, community halls, and scout huts.

Our full range of products can be viewed by selecting the ‘Products’ tab at the top of this page.

Our friendly, industry leading technical department are all full members of the Institute of Acoustics and can advise on any acoustic problem. We are experts in recommending products to meet Building Regulations Part E (Dwelling-houses and rooms for residential purposes), Building Bulletin 93 (Schools), and the Department of Health’s Technical Design Manual (Healthcare). We are also experts in pride ourselves in the quality of the advice that we offer and materials that we manufacture. To contact us please use the form at the bottom of the page.

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