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Sound Reduction Systems Ltd (SRS), or Hartnell and Rose as we were known prior to 1999, has been manufacturing innovative acoustic products in Bolton since 1981 – Over 40 years in the Industry! The vast majority of our acoustic products are for sound insulation, or soundproofing use, but we also offer an excellent range of mineral-fibre free sound absorption products to reduce reverberation within buildings.

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Noise transfer through floors is a common issue in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The noise can manifest itself as airborne noise, such as TV, Music, and speech or impact noise, such as footsteps and dropped items. SRS manufacture a range of high-performance soundproof flooring that can be used for improving the acoustics in a wide range of environments. For maximum sound insulation performance in domestic properties SRS recommend our high-performance acoustic underlay Acoustilay 15 or acoustic floating floor Maxideck.  SRS have a range of acoustic flooring products to suit all kinds of floors and at a range of price points.

Noise through walls can be a nuisance in any environment, whether it’s noisy neighbours in a domestic situation or noisy colleagues in neighbouring rooms in an office situation. SRS provides a range of solutions to help with soundproofing for walls along with the expertise necessary to diagnose and resolve your wall soundproofing issues. To maximise acoustic performance whilst minimising loss of room space SRS recommend our multi-layer building board, Maxiboard.  Maxiboard is extremely versatile and can be used on masonry walls as well as metal and timber stud partitions. Alternatively, if space is at an absolute premium or a more DIY solution is required then WallArmour dB represents the best solution.

Noise transfer through ceilings is a common issue in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. SRS manufacture a range of high-performance sound insulation and sound absorption products for soundproof ceilings that can be used in a wide range of environments. Our most suitable product for ceiling applications is Maxiboard - a 17mm thick laminated building board that offers incredibly high sound insulation performance, especially against low-frequency noise.  Where a brand new ceiling is required then SRS would recommend the Maxi 60 ceiling.  Maxi 60 offers sound insulation performance that exceeds current building regulations standards and offers a 60 minute fire-rating.  Maxiboard can also be installed beneath existing ceilings as part of our Maxi Dropped Ceiling or Maxi MF Ceiling Specifications

Our vertical acoustic cavity barriers are for use above suspended ceilings and below raised access floors to reduce room to room noise transmission via common voids. Within suspended ceiling voids our most popular systems are Soundstop (46dB) and Soundbar (53dB). Where the space available within the floor void is limited SRS recommend the use of our friction-fit Soundbreaker vertical barrier (48dB).

If it is not practical to install a vertical cavity barrier system within the ceiling void then SRS would recommend our Soundblocker system for lay-in grid suspended ceiling.  Soundblocker is a quick and efficient way of upgrading the performance of the suspended ceiling itself and comes with a range of fully tested accessories for ceiling penetrations and light fittings.

Our Sonata range of high quality acoustic absorption panels are used to reduce excessive reverberation and echo within rooms. Poor acoustics, usually as a result of the presence of predominantly acoustically reflective, hard surfaces, can cause poor speech intelligibility, cause discomfort, and in extreme cases sometimes render a room unfit for the purpose it is being used. Adding Sonata acoustic absorption panels to a room can make a dramatic and immediate difference.  Our most popular sound absorption product is the Sonata Aurio acoustic panel.  This is simply bonded to walls and ceilings using our Sonatac adhesive.  SRS also offer Sonata Vario suspended raft absorbers, Sonata Memo acoustic noticeboards, and Sonata Rhino perforated metal panels. All Sonata products are class A rated and free from fibreglass and mineral wool.

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Maxiboard is a patented composite building board that offers excellent acoustic performance when used on walls, partitions, and ceilings. One of our most popular specifications is the Maxi 60 Ceiling as this offers very reliable acoustic performance and has a 1 hour fire rating

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The original proprietary flooring underlay system. Acoustilay, one of the most imitated products in the market, has been manufactured by us since the mid-nineties. Installing Acoustilay is the fastest and least disruptive way of improving the sound insulation performance of a floor and gives a great, luxury underlay for your carpet.

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High performance flooring overlay board, typically used to improve the impact and airborne sound insulation performance of timber joisted floor constrictions. Maxideck can be used to meet the requirements of Part E when used above a resiliently fixed plasterboard ceiling.

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Complete system for improving the sound insulation performance of a mineral fibre tile suspended ceiling – the kind that you find in most offices. Soundblocker can be used to improve speech privacy and reduce the ingress of sound from noisy service within the ceiling void.

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Sonata Range

A range of high performance decorative mineral-fibre-free acoustic panels for use within rooms to reduce reverberation and noise. Sonata Aurio and Sonata Vario panels are commonly used within school halls, dining rooms, sports hall, community halls, and scout huts.

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Our friendly, industry leading technical department are full members of the institute of Acoustics and can advise on any acoustic problem, We are experts in reccomending products to meet Building Regulations Part, Building bulletin 93 and the Department of health's Technical Design Manual.

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