Sonata Memo

Key Benefits
  • Sonatile sound absorbing facing is pin, Velcro and staple friendly
  • Acoustic foam core offers Sonata Vario-level sound absorption capability
  • Acoustic performance is boosted when fitted on wall brackets via the rear airspace
  • Simple to install and remove for decoration, access or relocation
  • Overcomes surface obstructions i.e. trunking when installed on wall brackets
  • Visually pleasing: available in a choice of sizes and colour combinations
  • Free Acoustic Advice, Design and Specification for all UK Schools

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It is so often the case that the ideal positioning of acoustic panels is to locations already occupied by existing notice boards, forcing less ideal locations to be found. This is commonly the case for school classrooms and corridors. The Memo acoustic notice board makes possible the simple replacement of the existing board.

The Sonata Memo is an acoustic absorber and notice board in a dual function panel. This combined practicality offers many advantages - and some less obvious benefits as noted later.

With a design based upon the Sonata Vario acoustic absorber, and having similar sound-absorbing capabilities, the Memo also incorporates our sound absorbing Sonatile facing which is pin, Velcro and staple friendly so adding practical function as a notice board.

The facing is backed by the same technical acoustic foam as the Sonata Vario to give excellent acoustic performance, particularly at mid to high (speech) frequency range. This makes it beneficial in a wide range of settings - from offices, classrooms, call centres and wherever noise reduction or control is needed to improve speech clarity and communication or to reduce crosstalk.

Absorber Type Absorber Thickness Weighted Sound Absorption Coefficient Absorber Class
Sonata Memo 50mm 0.90 A

Test reference number: 780-715 Date: 28/06/2012. University of Salford acoustic test laboratory. Tested to BS EN ISO 354:2003 and rated to BS EN ISO 11654:1997.

Sonata Memo acoustic noticeboards are designed for direct fitting to flat walls.

Sonata Memo panels each have 4 no. “keyhole” cutouts in the rear of the frame. Panels simply locate over suitable wall-fixing screw-heads, or in the case of fitting to the wall brackets, onto their locating “buttons”

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