Key Benefits
  • Direct to wall solution for domestic noise problems
  • Can be installed using conventional tools and techniques.
  • DIY Soundproofing Solution
  • Minimal loss of room space – Only 30mm thick
  • High mass product manufactured from a combination of resilient XPE foam, mass-loaded vinyl, and dense acoustic plasterboard.

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WallArmour dB is a 30mm thick, direct-to-wall soundproofing board that can be used to upgrade the sound insulation performance of lightweight block and masonry wall constructions.  WallArmour dB is fabricated from a dense sound-blocking plasterboard layer bonded to layers of acoustic mass-loaded vinyl and an isolating layer of resilient XPE foam.  Installation of WallArmour dB is straightforward, requiring only conventional building skills, with standard hand tools, and should be achievable for someone who has experience of general DIY.

Acoustic Performance:

WallArmour dB
Airborne DnT,w (dB) DnT,w+Ctr (dB)
Test A - 100mm thick Lightweight Block 38 35
Test B - 100mm thick Lightweight Block Wall with WallArmour dB to one side 44 40
Improvement +6dB +5dB

Test A carried out in accordance with BS EN ISO 140 Part 4 and rated to BS EN ISO 717 Parts 1 and 7 by (UKAS) on 1st December 2020. Test reference: 14348S-4.
Test B carried out in accordance with BS EN ISO 140 Part 4 and rated to BS EN ISO 717 Parts 1 and 7 by Sound Reduction Systems on 28th July 2023. Test reference: 230728.

WallArmour dB should be secured onto the wall using 80x6mm hammer fixings. All joints should be staggered. Starting in the bottom left-hand corner of the wall, offer a board up to the wall, resting the panel on 5mm spacers at the floor junction and against some 5mm spacers at the junction with the perpendicular wall to the left. Ensure that the board is flush and square before commencing with securing it to the wall as this will make it much easier to install subsequent boards.

Drill 9no 6mm holes through the WallArmour dB panel and into the masonry behind, ensuring that the drill penetrates 50mm into the wall. It is recommended to have one-hole 25mm in from each panel corner, one in the middle of each of the 4 sides, 25mm from the panel edge, and one directly in the middle of the panel. Tap the hammer fixings into the holes and tighten with a screwdriver to secure.

The next panel can then be installed adjacent to the first in the same manner. The panels should be butt jointed as tightly as possible ensuring no gaps. This procedure should then be repeated until the first row is complete. The next row above can then be started with the offcut from the last, as long as this is wider than 200mm.

Once all the required WallArmour dB panels are secured to the wall then the 5mm isolation gap around the perimeter, any small gaps between the boards, and the screwheads should be filled with SRS Acoustic Sealant to ensure air-tightness.

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