Key Benefits
  • Soundblocker reduces noise breakout through suspended ceilings in offices, classrooms and hospitals.
  • Soundblocker reduces noise breakout from services within the suspended ceiling void.
  • Soundblocker is easily installed with new or existing suspended ceilings.
  • Soundblocker tiles can easily be removed for access.
  • Soundblocker allows complete flexibility with relocation of partitions, unlike vertical cavity barrier solutions.
  • Soundblocker is pleasant to work with and can be easily cut.
  • Accessories for treating light fittings, air diffusers and gaps are available within the Soundblocker range.
  • SRS can produce Soundblocker for all types of suspended ceilings.

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Soundblockers provide the most comprehensive system available for reducing the breakout of sound through suspended ceilings. They are ideal for use where partitions are installed only to the underside of the suspended ceiling, and will reduce the problem commonly found within the office environment of room to room noise. Soundblockers will also reduce vertical sound transmission between floors, and from services within the ceiling void. Suitable for most ceiling systems, Soundblockers are simply placed onto the back of the ceiling tile and can be installed with the ceiling or as a retrofit. Easily removed with the tile, Soundblockers allow access to the ceiling void. When replaced, a special edge detail re-makes the acoustic seal. Four types of Soundblocker are available to meet specific acoustic performance requirements. Accessories provide treatment to modular light fittings, downlighters, perimeters, air diffusers and small apertures, providing a complete system for limiting sound through suspended ceilings.

Soundblocker Office and Classroom Range - 46dB Dnc,w

Ideal for the standard office, the Soundblocker Office and Classroom Range will reduce cross talk through the ceiling to an acceptable standard for non-private areas.

Soundblocker Private Office Range - Dnc,w 48dB Est

The Soundblocker Private Office Range is suitable for where slightly higher room to room sound insulation is required, or for reducing noise from services within the ceiling void.

Soundblocker Confidentiality Range - 50dB Dnc,w

The Soundblocker Confidentiality Range is for use in areas where high levels of room to room sound insulation is required, such as boardrooms and police interview rooms. The Soundblocker Confidentiality Range can also be used in applications where high levels of noise break-in/out need to be reduced, such as industrial environments.

Soundblocker Entertainment Range - Dnc,w 53dB Est

The Soundblocker Entertainment Range Provides the highest level of sound insulation. It is ideal for reducing high noise levels through floors and the breakout of environmental noise through roofs.

For lay-in mineral fibre suspended ceiling tiles, perforated metal tiles containing a mineral wool pad, and non-perforated metal tiles, Soundblockers are placed onto the back of the tiles/pads with the foam facing upwards. the foam compresses against the grid forming an acoustic seal. Soundblocker tiles are easily removed with the suspended ceiling tile for access. When replaced, the acoustic seal is automatically reformed.

if the suspended ceiling tiles are perforated metal or perforated spring tee and no pad is in-situ, Soundblocker tiles are placed within the rebate of the tiles with the foam facing downwards.

When ordering for all metal type tiles, it must be made clear which method of
installation is required, as the size of the Soundblocker tile will vary.

In the case of noise transfer between offices and classrooms via the suspended ceiling void, if it is not possible to install Soundblocker, perhaps due to the suspended ceiling grid not being able to take the additional loading, SRS recommend the use of Soundstop or Soundbar as a vertical cavity barrier above the partition head.

For full installation guidance, acoustic data and product specifications, please download the Soundblocker datasheet. If you are unable to find the information you need, please email your query to or call 01204 380074 for further assistance.

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