Sound Absorption for All Saints Church Community Centre

Sonata Acoustic Treatment

Sound Absorption for All Saints Church Community Centre

SRS Sonata Vario In Community Centre

Acoustic specialists, Sound Reduction Systems (SRS Ltd) were approached by All Saints Church with a view to treating the poor acoustics within their community centre. They had recognised that high levels of reverberation and echo were affecting the various groups that used the space, and were looking for a solution that was both effective and decorative.

Initially, Mr Les Munns (Church Building Manager) provided SRS Ltd with dimensions and images of the community centre. The technical team at SRS Ltd inputted this information into their acoustic modelling software to accurately predict the current performance of the room. Once this had been established, it was then a case of adding their Sonata Vario product into the model until the reverberation time (RT) had been reduced to the desired level. This precise method ensures that the correct amount of material is specified.

Mr Munns was then provided with two quotes for the work – one using the bonded Sonata Aurio panels and another using the suspended Sonata Vario panels. Upon confirmation that the estimates were in budget, we then visited site to measure up in detail prior to installation.

Following the treatment, Mr Munns commented:

“I have been asked by Fr Lawrence Smith and the Church Wardens to convey their thanks to you and your company for the assistance and advice given to us with the above project.

We have spent the last 9 years struggling to make ourselves heard in the hall, we now have no problem in holding several conversations at once and nobody seems to be left out.

Not only are we able to hear but the finished look of the ceiling has been remarked on by a large number of people.

I would like to take the opportunity to add my thanks to the installation team for the way they worked, having spent over 20 years in an on-site Maintenance Manager role, before retiring I found them to be among the some of the best I have dealt with and feel they are great asset to your company

I know that Fr Lawrence and the Wardens would have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone.”

The initial report, quote, specification and site visit were all provided free of charge. If you have a noisy hall that is affecting the experiences of the various groups that use the space, please contact Sound Reduction Systems Ltd for a free, no obligation report. You can fill in the form with the details of your hall online here – or, alternatively, give us a call on 01204 380074 or email with your enquiry – we’ll be happy to help with your soundproofing and sound absorption needs.

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