Improved Acoustics At Westhill Community Church.

Sonata Aurio Class A Absorption

Acoustic Project Westhill

Acoustic absorption specialists, Sound Reduction Systems (SRS), have recently completed a successful acoustic project in Westhill, Scotland.

Westhill Community Church is an Evangelical/Charismatic Episcopal (Anglican) Church situated in the town of Westhill near the city of Aberdeen. In their new church building the café and foyer areas suffered from particularly poor acoustics. Luckily for the church, a member of their congregation was an acoustic consultant who was aware of SRS’ high performance Sonata acoustic panel system for controlling excessive reverberation and echo.

Working in line with the acoustic consultants recommendations, SRS were able to offer two different ways of meeting the specification. The Sonata Vario suspended system and the Sonata Aurio Acoustic Panels bonded system. Both systems offer Class A absorption and can be finished using decorative fabric available in a number of colours to match your existing décor, or to create striking and colourful features, depending on preference.

Westhill Community Church opted for the bonded Sonata Aurio panels as it had less impact on the limited headroom, and SRS were able to supply and install the system within a matter of days. Following the installation, Mervyn Currie of the church commented:

“The SRS Aurio panels have made a marked improvement to the acoustics of the café and foyer of the church building. We can have a larger number of people in conversation without needing to raise voices to be heard over the loud noise we were previously experiencing. SRS were very efficient in dealing with our query and the quality of the installation is excellent.”

SRS have successfully treated many community, church and school halls over the years, where these problems are common. They have a great deal of experience in the acoustics of these type of buildings and offer a complete service from initial acoustic report and quote to layout design and install. Testimonials and a gallery of their work can be found on

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