Reverberation Reduced with Chorlton Scout Hut

Sonata Aurio acoustic treatment

Sonata Aurio class A acoustic panels

SRS were delighted to recently help 392nd Manchester Scout Group overcome some acoustic issues that they were having within their hut in the South Manchester suburb of Chorlton-Cum-Hardy.  The main problem that they were experiencing was the build-up of activity noise and speech when the hut was in use.

Having experienced the noise within the Scout hut for himself during a site survey, SRS Director Richard Sherwood commented:

“It was amazing how much noise was being generated within the hut during the Cub Scout session that was beginning as I arrived to survey the hall. I was treated to one of the loudest Scout pledges that I’ve ever heard!”

Independent acoustic consultants modelled the reverberation time within the main room of the scout hut using sophisticated CATT Acoustic software.  Results showed that using 10no 1200x600mm Sonata Aurio panels on the walls and 8no 1200x1200mm Sonata Aurio panels on the ceiling would reduce the reverberation to acceptable levels and fit well around light fittings and windows.

Installation of the Sonata Aurio panels was carried out at the customer’s convenience in less than a day by our expert fitter.  Feedback from the scouts and leaders has been very positive so far.  

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