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When the leaders of Teddington 3rd Scouts decided that they could no longer put up with the poor acoustics in their premises, they contacted Sound Reduction Systems (SRS) to take advantage of their free estimate service. They were able to supply SRS with some basic details of the room, such as dimensions and surface finishes, along with some pictures of the ceiling and walls. From this information SRS were able to use their acoustic modelling program to accurately predict the current acoustic performance of the room. Using this technical resource to work out the starting point allows SRS to specify exactly the amount of material required to solve the problem, eliminating the risk of over / under ordering.

As well as solving the acoustic problem, SRS also needed to ensure that the correct Sonata products were used from a practical perspective. SRS were informed that the Scout Group may need to move premises in the future and, therefore, they would like to be able to remove and re-locate the panels. The panels were also be required to be extremely robust in order to cope with the various activities that take place within the room.

After reviewing the information, and visiting site to measure up in detail, SRS Director, Alex Docherty, specified a treatment using the suspended, removable Sonata Vario panels on the ceiling of the room. The Sonata Vario panels are Class A rated for absorption and manufactured from a Class O fire rated acoustic foam and a Class 1 fire rated fabric in a range of decorative colours.

The Group leaders were supplied with a full report and quotation and the decision was taken to proceed. The panels were installed by SRS’ dedicated Sonata fitting team within 2 weeks from order and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Melanie Spencer of 3rd Teddington Scouts commented:

"The sound panels from Sound Reduction Systems have made a tremendous difference to our meeting room.  We had a couple of children really struggling with the noise levels to the point that they were wondering if they could stay with the group.  The panels have reduced the reverberation by more than 70% and the children are able to enjoy our sessions much more now.  It is also much less stressful for the leaders who no longer have to ask everyone to be quiet all the time.  The Sound Reduction Systems team went out of their way to work out the right solution for our room, installation was very quick and the whole service extremely professional.  They really understand scout/village halls and were an absolute pleasure to work with.  We can't thank Alex and the team enough for their help."

In an interesting development, within a week of the panels being installed at Teddington 3rd Scouts, SRS were contacted by Teddington 2nd Scouts and asked if they could provide them with a report and quote for the treatment their hall, after hearing the positive news from their sister scout group.

SRS are specialists in solving acoustic problems in large rooms of any type, from classrooms, Gyms and village halls to open plan offices and video conferencing suites. For your free estimate and report, please contact SRS directly, or fill in the 3 step estimator form online with the details of your room.

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