SoundBlocker Premier at new Olympic Vue Cinema

Sound Reduction Systems Ltd’s high performance acoustic ceiling tiles, SoundBlocker, have been used extensively throughout the new Vue Cinema at the Olympic Village in Barking. SoundBlocker has been specified widely in cinema complexes, for three main reasons:

Vue Cinema at Olympic Park Benefits from Acoustic Ceiling Treatment from Sound Reduction
In the first instance, Sound Blockers are used to improve the sound insulation within the cinema from external sources, such as traffic (road and air) by increasing the acoustic performance of lightweight suspended ceiling systems.

Additionally, they are used to improve the vertical inter-cinema sound insulation in increasingly popular stacked auditoria where there are a range of cinemas on more than one level. The level of sound insulation required here, between auditoria, is considerable, particularly if very diverse films happen to be showing on adjacent screens.

Finally, Sound Blockers are also used to reduce noise in traditional single storey multiplexes which offer a different sort of problem to those of stacked cinemas. In single storey multiplexes, where the inter-cinema walls may often be acoustically very effective, Soundblockers are used to overcome the problem of noise flanking through the roof support and steelwork.

The Soundblocker range provides one of the most comprehensive systems available for reducing the break out of sound through suspended ceilings. It is perfect for any area where lightweight suspended ceilings are installed, such as recording studios, home cinemas, bars, nightclubs, offices etc. The Soundblocker range also extends to a number of accessories for the acoustic treatment of lights, air grilles, sockets and switches.

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