UK Schools Opting for SRS Sonata Acoustic Absorbers

SRS Acoustics For Schools

Having had a free school acoustics assessment from SRS, and received a detailed report and quotation, many UK schools are now placing orders with us so that our Sonata sound absorption panels can be installed during the summer break, ready for the new school year in September.

Excessive reverberation blights many schools within the UK and in some extreme cases can render classrooms and halls unfit for purpose or unusable.  Luckily, SRS can help and can recommend the most suitable and practical product to use from our excellent range of Sonata acoustic absorbers.

The most popular acoustic absorber at the moment is the versatile Sonata Vario.  The Sonata Vario is designed to be suspended below ceilings, using our suspension kits, or away from walls, using our proprietary brackets.  The main benefit in opening up an air-gap behind the panel is that this improves acoustic performance at the lower frequencies.  Suspending the panels, rather than bonding them to a surface, also means that the panels can be maintained and relocated very easily, should this be required.

Like all of our sound absorption products, the Sonata Vario is available in an attractive range of coloured fabrics to compliment the decoration of the room into which they are installed.  All SRS sound absorption products are manufactured from high performance technical foam and do not contain mineral or glass fibre.

Recent Sonata Projects

To view photographs of the Sonata sound absorption panels installed within various kinds of rooms within schools please view our excellent Flickr Online Gallery.  We also have detailed project profiles and case studies available on the SRS Soundproofing Blog.  Details on our most recent projects can be viewed using the links below:

Brownhill Primary School, Leeds – Sonata Vario and Sonata Memo Noticeboards used within the School Hall, both walls and ceiling treated. Acoustic Treatment at Brownhill Primary School

Aldwyn Primary School, Manchester – Sonata Vario panels used on the walls and ceiling to reduce reverberation with the multi-purpose hall - Aldwyn School chooses Sonata for Reverberant Hall.

Oxford University Oriental Institute – Sonata Vario and Sonata Memo used with the entrance to the Oriental Institute - Oxford University Challenge

Charlton School Sports Hall - Sonata Vario panels installed on brackets at high level on the walls - SRS Solve Acoustic Problem in Sports Hall

Contact an Expert

If you have a reverberation problem, and would like to speak to an expert then why not give us a call on 01204 380074?  We’ll talk you through your options and if necessary look at visiting your school to carry out an acoustic assessment.  For a quick idea of what is required please complete our 3 Step Acoustic Estimator below.

SRS 3 Step Estimator

For a free specification and quote for your reverberant room please fill in our online form