Noise Problem Solved at Village School

Sonata Vario sound absorbent panels

Sonata Vario acoustic absorption for reverberation

When the pupils and staff at Wirksworth Junior School in Derby decided they could put up with the noise problems in their multi-purpose school hall any longer, they contacted Sound Reduction Systems Ltd (SRS) to take them up on their offer of a free site visit and acoustic report.

SRS Director, Alex Docherty, travelled to site to take a look at the hall in question. The school, originally built in 1912, has a unique and ornate main hall that is used both as a gymnasium and a dining hall, amongst other things. Alex commented:

“Upon entering the main hall it was clear that the number of hard, reflective surfaces on the walls, ceiling and floor were casing the excessive echo and reverberations, however, it was apparent that the unique shape and layout of the hall would present us with a challenge in terms of fitting our absorbing products within it.”

Detailed measurements were taken whilst on site and later entered into SRS’ acoustic modelling software to predict the acoustic performance of the untreated hall. This process allows SRS to specify accurately the amount of absorption required to deal with the acoustic problems. Visiting site and taking measurements and photos was essential with such an interesting and varied layout to contend with.

After consulting with the school, and working to budget, 50m2 of Sonata Vario absorbers were specified on both the ceiling and walls of the hall to offer the most balanced performance. Colours were chosen to blend in with the existing décor, and a variety of sizes were used to fit in and around the intricate detailing of the hall. The Sonata Vario absorbers were fitted by SRS’ specialist Sonata absorption installer over the summer break, in line with the schools wishes. Headteacher, Mrs Grover has since commented:

“The panels were installed quickly, efficiently and with the minimum of fuss. We are delighted with the instantly recognisable difference they have made to the acoustics in our hall.”

The Sonata Vario absorbers are perfect for schools – they are re-locatable and can be easily removed and replaced for cleaning, decoration or maintenance. They are also class O fire rated and made from robust, non-shedding acoustic foam, as opposed to mineral fibre, which mean they perfect in areas where they may take a few knocks. There are a variety of colours and sizes available, so you can be as creative as you like.

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