Morpeth All Saints – Church of England Aided First School

Another Class A Installation from SRS

Morpeth All Saints – Church of England Aided First School

Sonata Aurio Class A Acoustic Panels within the hall at Morpeth All Saints

School Acoustics experts Sound Reduction Systems Ltd have recently supplied and installed Sonata Aurio Class A acoustic absorption panels within the hall at Morpeth All Saints School. 

The presence of predominantly hard, acoustically reflective surfaces within the hall was leading to excessive reverberation and poor room acoustic.  This caused problems for staff and students, making communication difficult during group activities and assemblies. 

School Business Manager, Heather Taylor, approached SRS with room dimensions and photographs of the hall.  After quickly carrying out the necessary calculations SRS were able to supply a specification and budget quotation the same day.  Once funding for the project was secured and the quote was formally accepted by the school, SRS director Richard Sherwood visited to carry out a survey

Richard comments: "On visiting the school and measuring the hall I was able to establish that it was possible to install a larger panel size on the ceiling than we originally quoted for.  This meant that we were able to provide a greater amount of acoustic absorption for no increase in cost.  It just goes to show that it is absolutely crucial a site survey is carried out prior to the installation of acoustic panels"

In total 40no 1200x1000x50mm panels were installed to the ceiling and 11no 1200x600x50mm panels were installed to the walls at high level - giving a total additional absorptive area of 55.92m2.  The Sonata acoustic treatment brought the modelled mid-frequency reverberation down from 3.39s to 1.36s, well within the target outlined for refurbishment projects in Building Bulletin 93 (BB93).  The improvement has been noticed by staff and pupils alike.

Business Manager, Heather Taylor, commented:

“The result is amazing.  Just today I provided all your details etc., and the information/panel selection boards you gave to me to a member of Northumberland County Council's Hearing Impairment Team.  They are very impressed too with the installation/results and will be using Morpeth All Saints to promote your company/work, so a real result all round.”

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