Hazeltots Pre-School

Sonata Vario Installation

Sonata Vario acoustic absorbers

When Marni Gadsby, supervisor at Hazeltots Pre-School, decided that the poor acoustics in the sports hall required attention she decided to approach a number of companies to see what solutions were available on the market, and get some idea of costs. However, this proved more difficult than she imagined. Many of the companies approached would not, or could not help Marni to find the appropriate acoustic solution, until she found Sound Reduction Systems (SRS).

Upon receiving the measurements of the hall, along with some information on surface finishes, and a few pictures of the space, SRS were able to acoustically model the room using their in-house software to work out how much absorption was required. SRS used the photographs to work out a layout for their Class A rated Sonata acoustic panels and presented Marni with two pricing / performance options to choose from – all free of charge. Marni subsequently commented:

“Not only have you been the most helpful company that we have contacted, you are also the most reasonably priced. One company said that a quote alone would cost £80, while another told me that ‘you're hardly the Albert Hall’.”

In order to get the works approved, SRS were required to travel to site to meet with representatives of Guildford Borough Council to discuss the proposed treatment and answer their questions. It was also necessary to provide Hazeltots with all of the required H&S documentation such a Method Statement and site specific Risk Assessment – all of which SRS were happy to do.

Once everyone had been satisfied, SRS were given the go ahead to install 28No. of their Sonata Vario acoustic panels to the ceiling of the sports hall. After the installation, Marni commented:

“The panels look fantastic and have made a huge difference to the acoustics. Your fitter did a great job! I can’t wait to get back to work now. Thank you so much for all of your help on this project.”

SRS are specialists in school acoustics and offer free advice, site visits and quotes to any school with sound absorption problems including soundproofing walls between classrooms. You can read project profiles and testimonials from satisfied schools on the website. If your school has a noise problem, please get in touch on 01204 380074, email info@soundreduction.co.uk or visit the website www.soundreduction.co.uk

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