All Quiet at All Saints Primary.

Reverberation Solved Using Sonata Acoustic Panels

Sonata Vario Acoustic Panels

Sound Reduction Systems Ltd (SRS) are proud to have been involved in solving an acoustic problem that had been affecting both teaching staff and pupils at All Saints Primary School in Kirby Overblow, Yorkshire.

Aedas Building Consultancy of Huddersfield contacted SRS on behalf of the school to try and come up with a specification that not only performed to an extremely high acoustic standard, but also looked beautiful, so as not to compromise the aesthetics of the new school hall.

They were glad to take advantage of the SRS Ltd ‘Acoustics for Schools’ initiative, which offers any educational establishment within the UK a free site visit, acoustic report, professional advice and a no obligation quotation for the remedial works.

SRS Director, Richard Sherwood commented on the project:

“The school hall in question was a large, open space, with a high, pitched roof. The acoustically reflective surfaces found on the walls, and floor meant that as soon as the hall filled up with children, the noise began to echo and reverberate, affecting the ability of the hall to operate as a teaching and learning facility.”

Using their acoustic modelling software, SRS were able to accurately predict how many absorbers would be required to meet the requirements of BB93 – the document detailing appropriate acoustic standards within schools.

The treatment consisted of Sonata Vario absorbers installed onto the ceiling and at high level on some walls. In this instance the school wanted to ensure the absorbers fitted in with the existing décor of the room and, therefore, white panels were specified, providing a stunning effect across the ceiling of the hall. The absorbers themselves are fitted on hidden brackets which stand the panels proud of the ceiling or wall – this allows every surface of the panel to absorb sound, as opposed to directly bonded absorbers, and increased efficiency.

Another essential innovation of the Sonata panels is their use of a non-shedding acoustic foam, as opposed to the mineral fibre materials found in most other absorbent products. The use of a non-shedding, non-itchy material in educational environments is much preferred by staff, children and installers alike.

If you have any noise problem whatsoever, and would like your School acoustics to benefit from the free report and advice service on offer from SRS Ltd, please email or call 01204 380074. Further details and a gallery of the Sonata range of absorbent panels, along with SRS’s full range of soundproofing products and a free guide to acoustic within educational environments, can be found at

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