Aldwyn School choose Sonata for Reverberant Hall.

Sonata Vario acoustic treatment

School Hall with Sonata Vario Acoustic Treatment In Place

When Carillon Local Government Services were asked to investigate the reverberation problem at Aldwyn School on behalf of Tameside Council, they decided to call in sound absorption and insulation experts Sound Reduction Systems Ltd (SRS).


As per the terms of their ‘Acoustics For Schools Initiative’ SRS sent a member of their technical team to site to meet with approved installers, Floorscan Acoustics, and Aldwyn School Estates Manager, Arthur Hindle, to discuss possible solutions.


SRS Technical Director, Richard Sherwood commented:


“A survey from an acoustic consultant had recommended the installation of 100sqm of a high performance absorptive product to solve the reverberation issues within the hall. We were happy to offer the Sonata Vario absorbers along with a design service to ensure the panels both fitted into the space and looked pleasing once installed”


Vario sizes of Sonata Vario panels were supplied to fit the required metreage into the space and Floorscan Acoustics were able to install the panels in a matter of days to fit in with the schools busy timetable. The panels were installed at high level on the walls and also suspended from the ceiling itself to give the perfect balance of acoustic within the hall.


SRS also supplied some of their innovative and exclusive acoustic Memo boards – a fully functioning noticeboard that also acts as an acoustic absorber. These are perfect when wall space is at a minimum.


Of the performance and service, School spokesperson Caroline Charnock, Associate Headteacher commented:


“The Sonata panels enhance the school acoustics. They look good and fit in well with the design of the hall. The noise quality is much improved. In assemblies, PE lessons and at lunchtime the hall is quieter. The baffles absorb footfall sound and voices. They also seem to enhance the sound when one person is speaking providing clarity at a lower volume.  We are very happy that the installation has been completed to a high standard and provides us with an improved learning environment.”


As part of their ‘Acoustics For Schools’ initiative, SRS offer all UK schools and educational establishments free of charge site visits, advice and specifications. Please contact them on 01204 380074, email or fill in their 3-Step Acoustic Estimator form online at – You can also view a gallery of this project, and many others at


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