RD Compliant Acoustic Sockets Boxes

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SRS Acoustic Socket Boxes

Fabricated from 2 layers of 10mm thick high-density gypsum based board, SRS Socket and Service Boxes are designed to ensure the acoustic integrity of any metal or timber framed separating wall that contains sockets and/or services. The SRS Socket and Service Boxes have been designed in line with Robust Detail guidance, and are suitable for use with E-WT-1, E-WT-2, E-WS-1 and E-WS-2, as well as in standard soundproofing for walls applications for where Robust Details are not required.

Key Benefits:

  • Maintains acoustic integrity of walls containing sockets
  • Robust Detail compliant - E-WT-1 / E-WT-2 / E-WS-1 / E-WS-2
  • High acoustic performance
  • Cost & time efficient
  • Physically robust
  • Easy to install
  • Pre-fabricated -  Standard & bespoke sizes

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Downloads for SRS Acoustic Socket Boxes

SRS Acoustic Socket Box Brochure

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