Key Benefits
  • BB93 solution to rain noise in schools
  • Improves learning and working conditions
  • Reduces rain noise through all metal profile roofs
  • Manufactured in association with DEDPAN Technology
  • Supplied in self adhesive rolls and strips
  • Extremely high performance
  • Ideal for both new build and retro fit installations
  • Tested to BS EN ISO 140-18:2006
  • Only 1mm thick
  • SRS Raincheck is the perfect solution to the issue of rain noise in commercial, industrial and educational environments.

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Acoustic innovators Sound Reduction Systems Ltd, in association with DEDPAN technology, have developed the perfect acoustic damping material to reduce the noise generated by rain falling on metal profiled roofing systems.

Rain falling on metal profiled roofing systems causes a nuisance in many different environments, ranging from commercial offices to industrial factory units. The problem has been highlighted in the BB93 document for the acoustic design of schools. Referring specifically to the issue mentioned above, the guidance of BB93 is to provide ‘damping of the profiled cladding (e.g. using commercial damping materials)’.

Raincheck is designed for this application, and has been tested to BS EN ISO 140-18:2006, a laboratory measurement of sound generated by rainfall on building elements. The application of Raincheck provided significant improvements to the overall roofing system under these test conditions.

BS EN ISO 140-18:2006 outlines a method of simulating rainfall under laboratory conditions using a water tank with a perforated base, suspended above a test specimen.

Measurements are taken below the specimen within the receiving room to assess the sound intensity level re 10-12 W/m2 (dB). The lower the sound intensity level within the receiver room, the greater the effect of the damping material.

In the acoustic tests below, measurements of sound intensity for each type of rain condition were made directly in accordance with BS EN ISO 15186-1:1997 and BS EN ISO 140-18:2006.

Test subject : (3.7m2 ) 5no 400 x 2102mm, 0.9mm gauge, 3.5kg/m2 , ribbed aluminium standing seam roof with stucco emboss installed at a pitch of 7° below the water tank. Test Reference: WS219329



A-Weighted Sound Intensity Level LIA (dB)
"Heavy Rain" "Moderate Rain"
Untreated Roof


Roof with 40% Raincheck coverage 66.0 49.4
Roof with 60% Raincheck coverage 64.3



For full installation guidance, acoustic data and product specifications, please download the Raincheck datasheet. If you are unable to find the information you need, please email your query to info@soundreduction.co.uk or call 01204 380074 for further assistance.

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