Reducing airborne noise coming up from the property below

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How can I reduce airborne noise coming up from the property below (timber joisted floor)?


If you can hear noise coming up from the room / property below, and only have access to your floor. What options do you have do reduce the level of noise transmission?

Acoustilay Acoustic Underlay timber flooring soundproofing

Perhaps you live in a flat or apartment and you can hear noise from the property below – maybe music, the TV or just people moving around, talking and going about their business. Since you only have access to your side of the floor, you're going to need to soundproof your floor to minimise the airborne noise coming from below. So, what are your soundproofing options to minimise this kind of airborne noise from below?

Soundproofing experts Sound Reduction Systems (SRS) has a range of solutions for soundproofing floors from airborne noise. Acoustic flooring soundproofing solutions for your property include market leading proprietary underlay system, Acoustilay 15, acoustic flooring overlay board, Maxideck, or Maxipanel floating floor system.

On timber joisted floors we recommend using as heavy a product as possible, within reason of course.

Acoustilay 15 is suitable for use beneath a wide range of floor finishes and provides great all round sound insulation in residential properties where more effective airborne noise insulation is required. Acoustilay 15 is the original proprietary acoustic underlay system and has over 20 years of successful use in domestic properties.

Maxideck Sound Proofing for floors

Maxideck is an extremely high-performance, timber-based acoustic flooring that is simply laid over existing floorboards as a floating floor system. Maxideck has a built-in acoustic damping layer laminated between two rigid, dense boards, so no additional acoustic membranes are required. There is a greater amount of work to install Maxideck compared with Acoustilay 15 but the results achieved should be better, due to the higher mass of Maxideck at 27kg/m2.


Maxipanel 28 is an acoustic floating floor product suitable for use in domestic properties and can be laid under a wide range of floor finishes.  Maxipanel is a lower weight product than Acoustilay and Maxideck but still represents a cost effective way of improving the airborne soundproofing performance of timber joist floor constructions. 


Need help chosing your floor soundproofing product?

If none of the above fits the issues you're having with soundproofing floors from airborne noise from below, or maybe you have a more bespoke or specialised construction, don't worry. At SRS Ltd, we've got vast experience in these sort of ‘bespoke’ applications. Just drop an email to one of our technical team outlining your situation and we'll send you a bespoke specification. Or give us a call on 01204 380074 – we're always happy to chat about soundproofing.


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