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The most common kind of noise problem in the domestic sector is unwanted sound coming through a seperating wall or floor/ceilling construction from a neighbouring property. At best, this kind of noise problem will cause annoyance and ruin the enjoyment of the property, but in extreme cases it can lead to stress, the deterioration of neighbour relationships, and health issues.  Our range of high performance domestic soundproofing products can assist with noisy neighbour problems.

A word of caution - Please be careful when researching acoustic products online.  There are a number of ways of rating sound insulation performance and it is important to compare like for like. Laboratory measurements and ratings of sound insulation performance, taken under ideal conditions will always give an apparently better result than measurements taken on site under 'real world' conditions. The overall performance given by any home soundproofing products will depend on site conditions and installation standards.

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If in any doubt about information presented to you, and how it stacks up against the performance of our soundproofing products, please contact us and we'll be delighted to talk you through it. We're commited to recommending the most practical product to treat your domestic noise problem and can help describe how it's likely to perform compared with other products on the market. We are completely transparent with the sound insulation data that we have for all of our systems. SRS recommend that you should always ask for substantiation of acoustic performance from potential suppliers.

What are you looking to solve?

Noise transfer through ceilings is a common issue in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. SRS manufacture a range of high-performance sound insulation and sound absorption products for soundproof ceilings that can be used in a wide range of environments. Our most suitable product for ceiling applications is Maxiboard - a 17mm thick laminated building board that offers incredibly high sound insulation performance, especially against low-frequency noise.  Where a brand new ceiling is required then SRS would recommend the Maxi 60 ceiling.  Maxi 60 offers sound insulation performance that exceeds current building regulations standards and offers a 60 minute fire-rating.  Maxiboard can also be installed beneath existing ceilings as part of our Maxi Dropped Ceiling or Maxi MF Ceiling Specifications

Noise through walls can be a nuisance in any environment, whether it’s noisy neighbours in a domestic situation or noisy colleagues in neighbouring rooms in an office situation. SRS provides a range of solutions to help with soundproofing for walls along with the expertise necessary to diagnose and resolve your wall soundproofing issues. To maximise acoustic performance whilst minimising loss of room space SRS recommend our multi-layer building board, Maxiboard.  Maxiboard is extremely versatile and can be used on masonry walls as well as metal and timber stud partitions. Alternatively, if space is at an absolute premium or a more DIY solution is required then WallArmour dB represents the best solution.

Noise transfer through floors is a common issue in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The noise can manifest itself as airborne noise, such as TV, Music, and speech or impact noise, such as footsteps and dropped items. SRS manufacture a range of high-performance soundproof flooring that can be used for improving the acoustics in a wide range of environments. For maximum sound insulation performance in domestic properties SRS recommend our high-performance acoustic underlay Acoustilay 15 or acoustic floating floor Maxideck.  SRS have a range of acoustic flooring products to suit all kinds of floors and at a range of price points.

Specialist Home Soundproofing

Reducing unwanted noise can help you enjoy your home more. We can help you improve the acoustic performance of different rooms in your home including:

SRS have a range of excellent soundproofing and sound absorption to ensure optimum acoustic conditions within both commercial and home offices.

If neighbour noise is preventing effective working at home then SRS Maxiboard could be a lifesaver. Maxiboard is a versatile, laminated building board that can be used on walls, partitions and ceilings to reduce airborne noise ingress.  Maxiboard's patented construction employs constrained layer damping to offer a performance benefit at low frequecncy, which other boards on the market do not provide.

For floors SRS have a range of easy to use acoustic flooring such as the Acoustilay range and Maxideck floating flooring to reduce impact and airborne noise disturbance.

To prevent excessive reverberation causing interference with telephone and video calls, SRS recommend our decorative Sonata acoustic panels for walls and ceilings

Sound Reduction Systems Ltd manufacture a number of products that are widely used in home cinema rooms, both to ensure optimum acoustic conditions within the cinema room and minimise the disturbance caused in adjacent rooms and properties. The most popular soundproofing product for this kind of project is Maxiboard, a high performance laminated soundproofing board for walls and ceilings.  Maxiboard's high weight and patented mulit-layer construction ensure that high performance is achieved without significantly eating in to the rooms space.  Maxiboard is extremely versatile and can be installed by anyone with experience of conventional building work.

To keep reverberation under control within the cinema room SRS recommend the use of Sonata acoustic panels. Sonata panels offer Class A sound absorption performance, are highly decorative, and can be installed on both walls and ceilings.

SRS manufacture and supply a range of high acoustic performance soundproofing and sound absorption products for use within home studios, both to ensure suitable acoustics within the studio and minimise the disturbance caused in neighbouring properties.

Our most widely used product in home studio soundproofing projects is 17mm thick SRS Maxiboard.  Maxiboard is a high performance laminated soundproofing board that can be used to boost the sound insulation performance of walls, partitions, and ceilings

To ensure a suitable reverberation time and keep acoustic reflections in check within the studio, SRS recommend the use of Sonata acoustic panels. Sonata panels offer Class A sound absorption performance, are highly decorative, and can be installed on both walls and ceilings.



Domestic Soundproofing Solutions

SRS have a range of high performance soundproofing products for floors, walls, and ceilings. Information on our most popular systems can be accessed using the links below. Should you not be able to find what you are looking for, or have any questions, please get in touch


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Maxi 60 Ceiling System

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Maxi Dropped Ceiling System

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