Why Choose SRS Ltd as your Soundproofing and Absorption company?

As you will no doubt have seen, there is a whole raft of companies on the internet claiming to be experts in soundproofing, sound absorption and acoustics in general. We understand that it can be very confusing and difficult for customers and specifiers to know that they have selected the right company. We think that it shouldn’t be that difficult, and have come up with 3 quick questions that should show you if people are the acoustic experts they claim to be!

Are staff qualified and IOA Members?

The most critical area, and the easiest to explore is a company’s staff. Are the technical sales people on the end of the phone call or email professionally qualified in acoustics, and/or are they members of The Institute of Acoustics (IOA). The answer to both these questions should ideally be ‘yes’, however, people who have worked in the acoustic industry for a decent length of time and can demonstrate their competence with references are also allowed to join the IOA and their membership to this organisation is a good indicator even if they not an academic acoustician. Companies should be happy to tell you about their staff and if the answer to either of the above is ‘no’ you should be wary – it costs very little to be an IOA member, but is very difficult to get accepted if you do not have the credentials.

Are their Soundproofing Products laboratory tested?

Honesty and integrity is vital in the confusing world of acoustics. Companies should have acoustic test data to back up claims made about their sound absorption and soundproofing products. Also, look at the type of data being supplied – is it realistic on-site data or has the test come from a laboratory?  Are you comparing the same types of acoustic tests. Many will have fallen foul of purchasing or specifying a product that has been supplied with laboratory tests data that is simply unachievable in the real world. Although site data is valid, companies shouldn’t be frightened of telling you that you are unlikely to achieve similar results on site.

Is the company experienced in providing soundproofing solutions?

Thirdly, look for experience and longevity as a key indicator – SRS Ltd have been involved in the manufacture and supply of Soundproofing and sound absorption materials for over 25 years. Our products are tried and tested industry standards that have been designed and manufactured at our factory in Bolton.

Soundproofing and sound absorption can be a very confusing area, and you should be able to trust the company giving you the advice. Poor advice by unqualified staff often ends up in expensive and time consuming remedial work. Ask the questions above, and satisfy yourself with the answers, and you can be confident the company your dealing with is reputable and giving you honest advice.

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