SRS Launches Sonalag AF High-Performance Acoustic Lagging Product

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Sound Reduction Systems Ltd, a leading provider of acoustic insulation solutions, are proud to announce the launch of their innovative new product, Sonalag AF.

Sonalag AF is a versatile, high performance acoustic lagging solution designed to effectively reduce unwanted noise breakout in various industrial applications.

Sonalag AF is manufactured from a unique lamination process, combining aluminium foil with mass-loaded vinyl and stitched glass mineral wool, all wrapped in a non-shedding scrim and offers exceptional sound insulation properties.

Sonalag AF is ideal for a wide range of industrial noise reduction applications, including:

  • Duct and pipe lagging
  • Insulating compressors, pumps, and fans
  • Lining machinery enclosures
  • Wrapping rainwater and soil pipes
  • Engine room installations in offshore and marine environments
  • Vehicle engine compartment lining

Supplied in convenient, easy-to-handle sheets, Sonalag AF boasts excellent flexibility, allowing for effortless cutting and shaping on-site, making it perfect for even the most intricate projects.

Available in two densities – 5kg/m2 and 10kg/m2 – to cater to various acoustic requirements, Sonalag AF comes in sheets measuring 2000mm x 1200mm.

Additional benefits of Sonalag AF include:

  • Rot-proof and non-hydroscopic construction
  • Resists vermin infestation and fungal/bacterial growth
  • Manufactured using fire-rated components for enhanced safety
  • Suitable for use across a broad temperature range
  • Dimensionally stable under varying temperature and humidity conditions
  • Compatible with a wide range of surfaces typically encountered in industrial applications

With the launch of Sonalag AF, Sound Reduction Systems Ltd. continues its commitment to providing industry-leading acoustic solutions for quieter and more comfortable work environments.

Sound Reduction Systems Ltd are a leading manufacturer of acoustic insulation and absorption solutions. For more information on Sonalag AF, or for details of our other soundproofing and sound absorption products, please visit our website at or give us a call on 01204 380074 today.


Sonalag AF webpage

Sonalag AF5 Datasheet

Sonalag AF10 Datasheet


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