The lightweight construction of modern commercial interiors provide many benefits, but good acoustics is rarely one. Too often partitions are only installed to underside of the suspended ceiling creating a common void above two or more adjoining offices. The extremely lightweight suspended ceiling tiles do little to stop the sound transferring over the top of the partition and down into adjoining rooms or from noisy services within the void itself. Cross-talk in offices is a major issue affecting concentration and productivity.Soundblocker Office SoundproofingSoundblocker acoustic ceiling tiles provide a fast, economical and high performance solution to this problem. Simply loose laid on the back of the existing tiles, they create a layer of mass and absorption, making it much harder for sound to transfer into the void. Soundblockers are manufactured in 4 grades to suit even the noisiest of environment, with a range of accessories to treat all penetrations within the ceiling maintaining acoustic separation up to 53dB.

Soundblockers have been installed in many prestigious locations from the Glasgow ‘Armadillo’ and Manchester Airport to large cinema chains solving the issue sound ‘bleed’ from one theatre to another.

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