Sonata Memo – Innovative Acoustic Notice Board

Sonata Vario and Memo acoustic panels

Reverberation and echo can cause a great deal of problems in commercial, medical and educational environments, to name a few. Often it can be difficult, or impractical, to fit enough absorption on the walls and ceilings to cure the problem.

In response to this common problem, soundproofing and sound absorption specialists Sound Reduction Systems Ltd have developed the innovative and unique Sonata Memo board. The Sonata Memo boards are 50mm thick and come in a variety of different sizes and colours, to fit in with the existing décor.

Once mounted, the Memo board will function as any other notice board, able to take drawing pins and similar fixings directly. However, the product is also a high performance acoustic absorber, and will help to increase the sound absorption within the room. Toby Makin from the SRS Technical Department commented:

“It is a problem we have come up against a number of times, and it’s great that we now have such a practical yet technically proficient solution within the Sonata Absorber range.”

The panels are constructed using non-shedding acoustic foam, as opposed to the mineral fibre used in most other absorbers, and a robust fabric facing - this makes them idea for schools and office soundproofing. They offer a practical solution when wall or ceiling space is at a premium, ensuring that acoustic efficiency can be maintained.

Other absorbent products within the Sonata range include the Aurio panels which can be directly bonded to most wall and ceiling surfaces, and our high performance raft absorbers, Vario, that are mounted on proprietary brackets. Both products are available in a wide range of sizes and colours and are each manufactured using our non-shedding acoustic foam.

Should you have any soundproofing or sound absorption problems at all, within any sector from domestic to commercial and educational, please get in touch with our industry leading technical team Tel: 01204 380074 or email your enquiry to