How to Get Your Soundproofing Quote

Here at Sound Reduction Systems Ltd we enjoy helping our clients to find the most appropriate solution for the acoustic or soundproofing challenge that they have. We are a materials manufacturer, but unlike almost anyone else you might find if you Google ‘soundproofing’, we are also qualified and accredited acousticians too! This means that our products are (in our humble opinion) the finest soundproofing products on the market today and guidance ensures that you don’t waste time, effort or money on ineffective solutions. Rather than blind you with the hocus-pocus about our products we have the patience to make sure our customers understand the pros and cons of the options presented to them.

We aren’t acoustic consultants (we can put you in touch with some excellent ones around the country who we’ve worked with), and though we’re based in Bolton in Lancashire we work all over the UK so in 99% of cases our guidance can quickly and accurately be given over the phone or by email. Hey, we’ve even supplied Dubai, the USA, Poland and once did a site visit to Algeria, which was interesting….

This is our three step guide to finding a quick and accurate soundproofing quote or any other aspect of building acoustics:

1. Have a think about what you want to achieve, is it that you have noise going through a wall or floor or ceiling? Or is the space you’ve got too big and echoey and reverberant? Or maybe a bit of both? We get lots of requests for ‘soundproofing’ from clients that really doesn’t explain what they want to achieve.  Initially don’t worry too much about the solutions possible, think about what the problem is where the noise is going to or coming from.  You are our eyes and ears on the ground and understanding what the problem is the first step to getting an effective solution.

2. Have a look through our website, it contains a vast wealth of information and solutions that we’ve developed over many years of experience.  We’d be extremely surprised if you can present us with a situation we’ve not seen before but that’s not to say we won’t have a think and see what we can offer you. We don’t currently offer doors, demountable partitions, acoustic grilles, acoustic glazing, acoustic tents or boiler, central heating or pump noise solutions though some people have used our materials for this in the past, this article suggests what they’ve done - Noisy Boilers, Tanks, and Central Heating Pumps.

3. For domestic soundproofing quotes and those of you looking to meet Part E of the Building Regulations, our Specification Generator will get you a really good level of performance for almost every situation we’ve seen so far, more than likely using our high performance acoustic products Maxiboard or Acoustilay.  For these requirements we work closely with some excellent specialist distributors who can give you a quote for a given area to provide soundproofing for walls or floor or ceiling. Please give them your location, the construction and dimensions of the area in question and they will be very quick to tell you what the costs will be.  In the case of office soundproofing and commercial soundproofing (after you’ve checked there isn’t a two inch gap under your door or a glazed partition!), we have SoundBlocker, SoundBar and SoundStop to help which we supply directly or through any national builders merchant or insulation distributor. For echoey, reverberation problems we have Sonata Acoustic Absorbers that we can’t make quickly enough, every site is different so please fill in our estimator form and send us some photos and we’ll get you an accurate quote bespoke for your room.  To access the form please click here: SRS 3 Step Acoustic Estimator

We are very confidently the best people you’ll find offering acoustic materials, and we can justify this very easily. Almost without exception, you won’t be the first person who has presented us with a tricky task but as we have to help more than 70 people a day so we have to manage what we do carefully. If you follow these steps you can join the growing crowd of extremely satisfied customers who like what we do and the way that we do it.

SRS are proud to be a sponsor member of the Institute of Acoustics. All technical staff are also full corporate members of the IOA.  To view the entry requirements please see the Institute of Acoustics website here.

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