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SRS Soundproofing products used at Legendary Club

Club soundproofing from SRS

Sound Reduction Systems Ltd (SRS) has recently had some of their acoustic insulation products installed in UK Superclub, Cream, as part of a large refurbishment of the property.

In order to ensure that the majority of the noise produced inside the club stayed exactly there, and didn’t disturb the neighbours, Cream enlisted the expert help of Floorscan Acoustics. Liverpool based Floorscan are SRS’s approved North West stockists and distributors, and have the expertise to advise on any noise problem. Director and Institute of Acoustics member, John Howell, said:

“At Floorscan we pride ourselves on being able to deliver professional acoustic solutions for any environment, from nightclubs, to schools, to domestic properties with noisy neighbours. We were delighted to work with the people at Cream, as it is such an iconic nightclub, and deliver the acoustic specification they required.”

The brief was to design and install acoustic lining within the nightclub to reduced noise breakout through external walls and the lightweight ceiling. Floorscan specified a lining of dBoard, an acoustic building board, for the project at Cream. At only 13mm thick, dBoard is designed to be installed as quickly and simply as plasterboard, but with far greater acoustic performance.

Overall, approximately 200 square meters of dBoard was installed within the venue. The installation of the acoustic materials was undertaken by Floorscan’s contracting arm, ensuring the high performance acoustic materials were fitted in the correct way, and would perform to their highest potential. Everyone has been delighted with the results.  Contractor Alan Randall from Floorscan East comments:

“The acoustic performance of the dBoard material, and the quality of its installation, have allowed us to address and comply with the acoustic requirements at Cream. We can now get back to entertaining our customers, without having to worry about the noise breakout.”

dBoard is ideal for reducing sound transmission through walls and ceilings for  commercial soundproofing, and industrial or domestic noise reduction. Its unique design ensures a very high soundproofing performance for very little loss in room space.

If you would like further information on the dBoard product, or have a particular acoustic issue you would like to discuss, please contact SRS on 01204 380074, email or visit

You can contact Floorscan on 01928 571108 or visit

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