Superb Results at Socketts Heath Baptist Church

Sonata Aurio Acoustic Panels

Sound Reduction Solution in Sockettts Heath Baptist Church

Sound absorption experts, Sound Reduction Systems (SRS), have recently completed a successful acoustic project at Socketts Heath Baptist Church in Grays, Essex.

The Thompson Hall at Socketts Heath Baptist Church is used for a wide variety of activities including foodbank, serving community lunches, fitness, and toddler and youth groups.  Users were having issues with the excessive reverberation within the room and church secretary Andrew Wade set about finding a solution.

Andrew commented: “Our story is that we knew we had a problem but no expertise to solve it.  We commissioned Emma Greenland from Anderson Acoustics to carry out a report and study on the hall and used this as a basis to get quotes from a number of companies. Emma recommended four suppliers to us and we approached them. The SRS option was the lower cost and your site visit was the most professional and helpful. The room is now useable again and everyone keeps commenting how quiet is it!”

In line with the acoustic consultant’s recommendations, SRS supplied and installed 60m2 of Class A Sonata Aurio acoustic absorption panels with the room.  Sonata Aurio panels were preferred by the customer as it was felt that hanging or suspended panels may be more susceptible to damage from ball games and would have required more maintenance over time.

“We are really pleased, and the hall has a whole new life with everyone wanting to use it!“

SRS have successfully treated many community, church and school halls over the years, where reverberation problems are common. SRS have a great deal of experience in improving the acoustics of these type of buildings and offer a complete service from initial acoustic report and quote to layout design and install. 

If you have a noisy hall, and you would like a free, no obligation consultation and quote, please call 01204 380074 or fill in the simple ‘3 Step Estimator’ form at

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