SRS Sonata Vario Installed at Kirkby Lonsdale Methodist Church

Reverberation Solved Using Sonata Acoustic Panels

Kirkby Lonsdale Village Hall

The new hall at Kirkby Lonsdale Methodist Church suffered from a problem that is common to many halls, excessive reverberation. This problem was particularly evident during times where two crèche groups were using the hall simultaneously and the high reverberation prevented speech from being clearly understood.

The brief from the client was to provide a solution that both reduced the overall reverberation time whilst not being visually imposing.

The solution was an installation of Sonata Vario absorbers to the sloping ceiling in the main hall and also to the ceiling of a smaller side room. The effect of the installation was very successful and a reduction in reverberation time in the main hall of 2.11 seconds down to 0.85 seconds was achieved.

Comments received were very positive:

"It seemed very quiet and peaceful this morning, even though there were as many children as any week"

- from a parent attending the weekly Mum’s and Toddlers group, who didn’t know about the project

"The atmosphere was much less frantic this morning"

- from a member of the church after the Sunday service when refreshments are available.

"We’re indebted to you for a good job done which exactly fits our hopes and expectations."

- Peter Deaville, Kirkby Lonsdale Methodist Church

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