SRS Sonata Vario Installed within Bishop Wilton Hall

Reverberation Problem Solved Using Sonata Acoustic Panels

SRS Sonata Vario Installed within Bishop Wilton Hall

Bishop Wilton Hall is the recent newcomer to the North Yorkshire village bearing its name. Situated in a rural Wolds setting 15 miles east of York, it provides a modern community facility with adjoining sports pavilion and grounds.

SRS were asked to advise on the problem of high noise reverberation within the Main Hall. Typically, the reverberation was seriously marring Hall use. Not only was this creating an unpleasant environment, but day-to-day income, essential to maintaining the facility, was affected.

SRS appraised the Hall and provided a proposal for treatment, giving the committee a range of choices to meet the necessary reverberation reductions, achieve a visually sympathetic solution along with a number of budgetary options.

The Solution: Sonata Vario panel absorbers on Sonata Vario mounting brackets were equally placed to the two walls either end of the Hall; Sonata Aurio absorbers were fitted directly to the two sloping ceilings.

Sympathetic to the Hall decoration, the Sonata Vario panels were chosen in a colour to match the doors; the Sonata Aurio panels in white to perfectly blend with the background. The Hall was suitably transformed and the results are plain to see and hear.

Steve Swire, Chair of Committee said:

"Just a note to confirm that all went well today with the Bishop Wilton Hall installation. The approved fitting team were very accommodating, the job looks stylish and most importantly the echo/reverb has to all intent and purpose been killed. So it’s thanks to you and the team for a job well done. I would be more than happy to provide references should you wish me to do so"

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