Improving the Dining Experience at Temple Street Resource Centre

Sonata Vario Class A acoustic treatment

Sonata Vario Class A acoustic treatment

Dining halls and canteens can be very noisy places.  Even before you factor in the scraping of cutlery, the bashing of crockery, and the movement of furniture as people sit down to dine, the noise of large numbers of people conversing can become a major problem in such spaces.  Reverberation, and in some extreme cases echo, caused by the presence of acoustically reflective surfaces common in such areas, amplifies the problem meaning that the dining experience is quite unpleasant.

SRS Sonata sound absorption solutions can be used to reduce reverberation within areas such as restaurants, cafes, canteens, and dining Rooms.  Recently we have supplied and installed Sonata Vario acoustic absorbers at Temple Street Resource Centre in Burnley.  Users of the canteen, including many with hearing aids, were finding that being within the area was too uncomfortable due to the poor acoustic conditions and something clearly needed to be done- it was getting to the point where the space was rarely used because of the poor acoustics.

During part of a wider refurbishment of the premises, SRS were drafted in to offer a solution to the reverberation problems and Sonata Vario was chosen by the client.

Sonata Vario is a 50mm thick mineral fibre free acoustic absorber with a high quality, coloured fabric finish.  The product offers many practical and performance benefits over directly bonded absorbers when suspended away from walls on brackets or below ceiling using our proprietary suspension fixings .  The ceiling within the canteen is curved and although it would have been possible to install the Sonata Vario panels on suspension packs, the client opted to have the Sonata Vario panels installed at high level on the walls on brackets.

In all an area of 19.2m2 of Sonata Vario was installed within the dining room and both staff and service users have been delighted with the results.  Jamie Edmondson, the Locality Manager of Burnley and Pendle District Adult and Community Services comments:

“Now the Sonata panels have been fitted the canteen is much more usable for the client group.  The area can now be used for activities that it couldn’t previously. The noise levels in the room used to be very sharp and could be disturbing for people that have sensory disabilities.  Now the noise levels are softer and people with complex needs can undertake group activities in what was a large space not often used.  The area is now used more frequently at lunch time where many people can come together and dine - the room is now much more user friendly.  The Sonata panels have made an amazing difference for people with disabilities.  Such a simple and essential piece of equipment for large empty spaces!”

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