Acoustic Problems Solved at Llanfaelog Community Centre, Anglesey

Sonata Aurio Class A Acoustic Panels

Llanfaelog Community Centre, Anglesey

Acoustic experts, Sound Reduction Systems Ltd (SRS) have recently completed the installation of Sonata Aurio acoustic panels at Llanfaelog Community Centre on Anglesey.

The problem experienced within the hall was one that many village and community halls suffer with - that of poor acoustics due to excessive reverberation during use.

After receiving the enquiry, SRS Director Richard Sherwood visited the community centre within a matter of days to carry out a detailed survey and collect the information required to provide a tailored specification and quote.

Calculations of reverberation time for the hall showed that it was way in excess of recommended values - 

Following the survey Richard provided two quotations - one that used Sonata Aurio panels permanently bonded to the walls and ceiling, and one that used suspended Sonata Vario panels.  Both solutions provided Class A absorption performance 

Following the treatment, Mrs Parry commented:

"We are very pleased with the panels, they have made such a difference - Highly recommended!"

The initial report, quote, and site visit were all provided by SRS without charge to the customer.

If you have a noisy village or community hall that is affecting the experiences of the various groups that use the space, please contact Sound Reduction Systems Ltd for a free, no obligation report. To get an idea of costs please fill in our 3 step estimator form below.  Alternatively, give us a quick call on 01204 380074 or email with your – we’ll be delighted to assist.

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