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Sonata Aurio Acoustic Panels

Stinchcombe Village Hall in Gloucestershire was opened in 1955 and is maintained by a dedicated group of local residents and regular users.  The hall offers a facility for the local community and hosts a variety of activities, classes, clubs, and events for residents of the area.

Charlie Oakhill, Chairman of Stinchcombe Village Hall, approached acoustic specialists, Sound Reduction Systems (SRS), to see what could be done about the excessive reverberation within the hall during use.  The first step was to complete and submit SRS’s online 3 Step Estimator Form.

Upon receiving details of the hall, such as the dimensions, surface finishes and photographs of the ceiling and walls, SRS were able to input this data into their Sonata acoustic modelling software and predict the existing acoustic performance of the room and specify exactly how much Sonata Class A sound absorption is required to solve the issue.

The Stinchcombe Village Hall committee were then presented with a report detailing predicted before and after performance and a budget estimate for the treatment. Once this had been approved, the next step was for an SRS technical advisor to visit the hall and carry out a dimensional survey to confirm the specification and quote.

The site survey was carried out by SRS Director, Alex Docherty:

“The presence of hard, acoustically reflective surfaces and lack of soft furnishings was creating a high level of reverberation and echo. This was creating an environment that wasn’t ideal for many activities undertaken within the hall and making speech intelligibility particularly poor. Once the details of the hall had been entered into the SRS computer prediction programme, it showed an estimated mid-frequency reverberation time (Tmf) of 3.73s – way higher than the recommended value of <1.5s for a room of this usage.”

After the quotation was approved by the committee, approximately 52m2 of class A Sonata Aurio acoustic was installed to the walls and ceiling within the hall, with fantastic results.

Following completion of the installation, Charlie commented:

“Just a short note to say thank you for completing the acoustics promptly and a very tidy job. The panels have made a tremendous difference in our Hall and I am sure we will get a lot of feedback from our users.

Jed the installer did a great job and left everything neat and tidy, he is a credit to SRS, thanks again and finally we are happy to speak to any potential customers and also happy if they want to come and have a look and a listen.”

An article on the project can be viewed on the Stinchcombe Parish website here:

When placing their order, Stinchcombe Village Hall took advantage of SRS’s VILLHALL-10 special offer, which allowed them to receive a discount of 10% from the cost of supply and installation of the Sonata Aurio panels.

SRS have been manufacturing acoustic products for over 40 years with a reputation for honestly, quality and service. Their wealth of experience gives customers confidence that the solutions specified will be exactly what is required to solve their noise issues. This knowledge combined with the use of special acoustic modelling software allows SRS to specify only what is needed, without overkill and extra expense for the client.

If you have a reverberation problem in your village hall, please get in touch to see how SRS can help.  You can email or call 01204 380074 or fill in the simple 3 Step Estimator form online for your FREE report and quote here:

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