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Sonata The Solution for U-Switch and Ford

Sonata Memo and Vario acoustic panels

Call centres can be very busy, noisy places. When groups of people come together in an open plan office, often with many acoustically reflective surfaces within them, the sound levels can build up to unacceptable levels.

SRS were recently asked to help two such call centres suffering from the acoustic problems mentioned above. Both U-Switch and Ford operate busy call centres, and the poor acoustics of the rooms in question was affecting their staff and their ability to communicate effectively. After visiting site and taking away measurements and details of the materials and surfaces within the rooms, SRS were able to use their software to model the room and predict the current levels of reverberation.

This calculation is important, as an accurate starting point allows SRS to specify the correct amount of absorption required, rather than simply guessing, or using rule of thumb, which can lead to over ordering. The clients were then presented with a report detailing the current levels of reverberation, along with a prediction of the performance after the Sonata panels had been included, along with details of proposed layout and installation.

The recommended treatment included the installation of high performance ceiling and wall mounted Sonata Vario absorbers. Both companies also made use of the innovative Sonata Memo board – a wall mounted acoustic absorber that is also a fully functioning noticeboard.

Sonata Call Centre Noise Reduction

The results were excellent, and the clients were delighted with both the initial service and, ultimately, the acoustic performance after installation – U-Switch Operations Director, Eddy Borrelli, commented:

“I would like to say how pleased we are with the general functioning of the sound panels supplied. We have noticed significant noise reduction in our call centre and the open space areas of our offices.”

Whilst Ian Wilson, General Manager of Ford Retail, Barnsley, stated:

“I am delighted with the work carried out to the Business centre offices, the improvement has had a dramatic effect on the sound of the office and all the people in it are finding their job much easier now they can hear customers on the phone !!“

“Thanks for the way the whole transaction was carried out, I wish we had installed it earlier”

SRS are unique in their approach to customers, and the level of detail offered in their specification. Customers can expect site visits, acoustic modelling, layout and design suggestions and professional installation.

The Sonata acoustic panels are available in a range of fabric colours, and customers can choose to blend them in with the existing décor when soundproofing offices, or make a bold, colourful feature of them, as they prefer. Once installed they provide a beautiful solution to any absorption problem.

Another essential innovation of the Sonata acoustic panels is their use of a non-shedding acoustic foam, as opposed to the mineral fibre materials found in most other absorbent products. The use of a non-shedding, non-itchy material in educational environments is much preferred by end user and installers alike.

If you have any noise problem whatsoever, please email or call 01204 380074. Further details and a gallery of the Sonata range of absorbent panels, along with SRS’s full range of soundproofing products can be found at

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