Improved Acoustics for Grindleton Pavilion

Successful acoustic treatment

Sonata Vario panels installed at Grindleton Pavilion

Sound absorption specialists Sound Reduction Systems Ltd (SRS) have successfully completed installation of their Class A Sonata Vario acoustic panels at Grindleton Pavilion near Clitheroe, Lancashire.

Grindleton Pavilion opened in 2012 and provides an excellent multi-use space for activities such as parties, meetings, and yoga classes, as well as sports changing facilities for the adjacent recreation ground.

On occupancy of the building it was found that the high number of acoustically reflective surfaces within the main part of the hall was causing excessive reverberation during use, and at this point SRS were approached for expert advice.

SRS Director Richard Sherwood received the enquiry and quickly arranged a site survey. Using the information collected, including room dimensions and details of surface finishes, Richard was then able to provide a detailed specification, including calculations of reverberation time and the predicted level of improvement that SRS's Class A Sonata Vario acoustic absorbers would offer.

After receiving the necessary funding was secured by the Pavilion, SRS's expert fitting team were instructed to install the recommended panels and did so efficiently, taking only one day to complete the work.

Feedback from users of the hall has been overwhelmingly positive. Anne Huson, Pavilion Project Chair here comments "We are incredibly impressed! Had our first film night on Friday and thought the sound was much better and today there was a big party and it was so much more pleasant and easier to talk."

In total 22no 1200x1000x50mm Sonata Vario panels were installed to the ceiling of Grindleton Pavilion. Calculations showed this absorptive area reduced the mid-frequency reverberation time (Tmf) from 2.7s to 1s - much more appropriate for the intended uses of the hall.

SRS have successfully treated many community, church and school halls over the years, where these problems are common. They have a great deal of experience in the acoustics of these type of buildings and offer a complete service from initial acoustic report and quote to layout design and install.

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Details on Grindlton Pavilion, including information on how to book the main hall, can be viewed here: Grindleton Pavilion Website

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