Arresting Acoustics at Old Police Station

Sonata Vario acoustic treatment

Sonata Vario best sound absorption

SRS Ltd’s Sonata panels have been used in a recent project to control the acoustics in a large, open hall.

The Old Police Station in Keighley has recently undergone a full Refurbishment that has turned the bottom floor of the building into a museum documenting the changing nature of policing over the years along with a cafe. Part of the Refurbishment included the creation of an events hall on the first floor, for use by Keighley council. The hall in question had a particularly bad echo and reverberation problem due to the number of hard, acoustically reflective surfaces within the room.

Acknowledging the problem, Alan Parry of Keighley Council contacted an acoustic consultant who was able to model the room and recommended the Sonata range of product as a treatment for the poor acoustics.

Within two weeks from the initial contact, Sound Reduction Systems Ltd and their specialist installers, Floorscan Acoustics, were able to supply and fit the acoustic panels so the hall could be used as quickly as possible. A combination of white and ‘Ice Cap’ blue Sonata Vario absorbers were installed on the walls of the room to fit in with the existing décor. Alan Parry of Keighley council commented:

The Special Projects Co-ordinator was very satisfied with the service and the outcome of the absorption panels was amazing.  We are so pleased that we had the correct testing and the correct final outcome.  “I found the company very amenable, flexible and understanding to our very high specification needs.  I would certainly recommend this company for other projects coming up.”

The Sonata Vario absorbers are very high performance ‘raft’ type absorbers that are fitted onto brackets to stand proud of the wall. By opening up the back of the panel to sound, the performance of the Sonata Vario product is greater than that of standard, directly bonded panels. All Sonata products are manufactured from a fire rated acoustic foam and are available in a range of colours and sizes.

If you have a reverberation and echo problem or want to investigate soundproofing solutions for walls, ceilings or other parts of your building, please feel free to get in touch with Sound Reduction Systems Ltd to discuss the Sonata products in greater detail. Tel 01204 380074

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