Acoustic Problem Solved within Cote Brasserie

Sonata Vario Class A acoustic treatment

Sonata Vario Acoustic Panels

When Sound Reduction Systems Ltd (SRS) were approached by architects Martin Brudnizki Design Studio to solve a reverberation problem within Cote Brasserie in Salisbury they knew exactly what to recommend - their SRS Sonata Vario acoustic absorbers.  These are 50mm thick fabric wrapped acoustic absorbers manufactured from an open-cell acoustic foam rather than glass-fibre or mineral wool, like many other products of this kind on the market.  The Sonata Vario, suspended on proprietary ceiling hanger or wall mounting brackets, offers significant acoustic performance advantages compared with directly bonded panels, especially at low frequency.  This ensures ‘evenly balanced’ acoustics within rooms into which it is installed.

Working closely with the architect, SRS Director Richard Sherwood suggested a number of possible configurations for the Sonata Vario panels as it was clear that any solution proposed would have to fit in with aesthetics of the restaurant.

Richard Comments: “I originally recommended Sonata Vario panels both suspended from the ceiling using Vario suspension packs and on brackets at high level on the walls.  However, the client favoured the ceiling mounted panels and opted for 8no. 1200x1000x50mm Sonata Vario suspended from the ceiling in our popular ‘Stone’ colour Trilogy fabric.  Stone was chosen as it complimented the colour scheme of the existing décor and it was felt that white panels would provide too much contrast against the existing ceiling.”

Bob Deacon of R D Acoustic Services Ltd, acting as the acoustic consultant for the project, visited the Cote Brasserie to verify that the specification proposed by SRS was going to meet the expectations of the customer.

Bob comments: “On speaking with the restaurant manager it was established that the main acoustic problem was that the noise level during busy periods was too high.  As with many restaurants it was finished to a very high standard, and looked excellent, but almost all surfaces within the restaurant were highly acoustically reflective leading to excessive reverberation.  The solution proposed by SRS, the Sonata Vario absorber, not only reduced the reverberation time considerably in my calculations but also fitted in nicely with the contemporary look of the restaurant and added visual interest to the ceiling.”

The Sonata Vario panels were installed by expect fitters Floorscan Acoustics Ltd early one morning to avoid any disruption to the restaurant’s lunchtime and evening services.  Both diners and staff alike have reported a great improvement in the acoustics and are delighted with the results.

To view details of SRS’s Sonata Vario and our complete range of acoustic absorbers please see out website here: SRS Sound Absorption Solutions.

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