Maxiboard for Walls - sound insulation

Maxiboard is a high acoustic performance composite building board designed for use within buildings. Maxiboard is suitable for use on walls and ceilings and can be used to meet the sound insulation performance requirements of Part ‘E’ of the Building Regulations for separating structures. A sister product, Maxideck, has been developed for use on timber floors and can be viewed here: Maxideck Acoustic Flooring Product.

Unlike conventional wall soundproofing materials, Maxiboard is a patented composite board manufactured from cement and gypsum with a polymeric core. The composite building board produced offer excellent sound insulation performance and is a very strong, high impact resistant board, suitable for taking screws and fixings direct.

Maxiboard for walls has been installed and tested as part of the Maxi HP PartitionMaxiboard Timber Stud Partition Specification, and Maxiboard Masonry Walls Specification.

Maxiboard has recently been extensively used within Wendyhouse Productions’ new recording Studios in Shepherds Bush, London to treat the ceilings and walls. Full details can be viewed by accessing our blog here: Sound Insulation for the StarsMaxiboard was chosen for its high low frequency sound insulation performance and because the use of Maxiboard minimizes the loss of room space compared with traditional building materials.

The Benefits:Maxiboard sound insulation board for wall sound proofing.

  • Maxiboard can be used to meet Building Regulations Approved Document E (2003) through walls, floors and ceilings.
  • Maxiboard is quickly and easily installed on walls and ceilings
  • Maxiboard can be used to form enclosures and independent structures
  • Maxiboard can take screws and nails direct
  • Maxiboard is extremely durable
  • Minimal thickness, Maxiboard is only 17mm thick

Maxiboard Demonstration:


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