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Sound Reduction Systems Ltd (SRS) is widely recognised as one of the UK's leading manufacturers and installers of acoustic insulation and sound absorption materials for use within both domestic and commercial buildings. With over 25 years in the soundproofing industry as a company and an industry leading, Institute of Acoustics registered, technical department Sound Reduction Systems Ltd can be sure of giving the most comprehensive advice for treating any given noise issue.

Over the years Sound Reduction Systems Ltd has developed a comprehensive range of soundproofing products for the effective treatment of walls, ceilings and floors, both in the public and private sectors. Sound Reduction Systems Ltd's range of materials includes SoundBlocker, Soundstop, and SoundBar which can be used to improve speech privacy and reduce noise breakout within offices, schools and leisure complexes, like cinemas. In addition to this SRS produce many acoustic insulation solutions including Acoustilay acoustic underlay, Maxiboard wall soundproofing, Maxideck acoustic flooring, Coustifoam acoustic foam and SubPrimo acoustic underlay for improving sound insulation within the home, and to meet the requirements of Part ‘E’ of the Building Regulations. Sound Reduction Systems Ltd have solutions for both New Build and Material Change of Use projects.

Full details on Sound Reduction Systems Ltd’s products and systems can be accessed via this website. Downloads of the product literature  are available free of charge here: Downloads. Should you require a small sample or hard copies of the literature these can be requested using the sample request form.



Sound Advice Centre

SRS can provide expert soundproofing advice for any noise issue within any building. If you cannot find your sound problem you can try searching above or you can ask the Sound Reduction Experts in our industry leading technical department.

Common Noise Problems

Noise can be a problem to all of us at times. Here are some solutions to common problems. Whether its Noisy Neighbours, Home cinema systems or Noisy Foot steps on the ceiling.

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How To Soundproof Your Property

Sound Reduction Systems offer many sound proofing solutions to noise  problems within buildings. SRS also specialise in solutions for Part 'E' of the Building Regulations. Roll over the building below for more information.

SoundProofing Property Ceiling Soundproofing Floor Soundproofing Floor Soundproofing Wall Soundproofing Wall Soundproofing
Ceiling Soundproofing
Sound insulation experts SRS manufacture Maxiboard, a high acoustic performance composite building board that is used on ceilings to meet Part E of the Building Regulations.
Wall Soundproofing
To improve the sound insulation performance of walls SRS typically recommend Maxiboard, a high acoustic performance composite building board
Floor Soundproofing
SRS manufacture a number of high performance acoustic products for soundproofing floors.

Soundproofing more property types

Recent Sound Advice

What are the Routes to Compliance with Part E?
Good news – the Government wants you to have a quiet life. That's right, back in 2003, Part E of the Building Regulations outlined the levels of sound insulation performance required in all new-build properties and those created by converting existing buildings. Behind compliance with Part E is the need to ensure a ...
What is soundproofing?
Soundproofing is a very common term especially in the online market place where many manufacturers are keen to convey the effectiveness of their acoustic materials and systems.  When people refer to soundproofing they are usually referring to sound insulation: The performance of a given product or structure to ...
Some Confusing Initials...
  When you see a figure in decibels it must always have one of these potentially confusing initials after it to tell you what is being measured and how. Without them, the number is ambiguous at best or even meaningless. All claims for performance should include these and an description of the construction in ...
Should my new house conform to Part E of the building regulations?
  Part E of the building regulations (in England and Wales) was introduced towards the second half of 2003 to require minimum standards for acoustic separation (aka ‘soundproofing’) between separate dwellings. Part E applies to all newly built and properties divided into flats from this point on. These ...
Traffic and External Noise
If you live next to a busy road, under the flight path to an airport or close to a noisy factory/nightclub then the chances are that you’ll be able to hear and be disturbed by this external noise. Sound Reduction Systems, the UK’s leading innovator, are frequently asked about problems like these and even though ...

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SRS Distributors

To purchase Soundproofing & Sound Reduction Materials please contact our approved distributors for your region

Sound Proofing Distributor Map Scotland Northern Ireland Distributor Ireland Distributor South West Distributor Southampton Distributor London Distributor South East Distributor Midlands Distributor North East, Yorkshire Distributor North West
Scotland Distributor
Floorscan Acoustics Ltd (Scotland)

Contact: Simon Donald
Tel: 0151 9330939
Fax: 0151 933 9733
Mob: 07791 627930
North West Distributor
Floorscan Acoustics Ltd (West)

44 Canal Street
L20 8QU
Contact: Simon Donald
Tel: 0151 9330939
Fax: 0151 9339733
Mob: 07850 328500
North East, Yorkshire Distributor
Floorscan Acoustics Ltd

Contact: Simon Donald
Tel: 0151 933 0939
Fax: 0151 933 9733
Mob: 07850 328500
Midlands Distributor
Trim Acoustics (Midlands)

Albion Road
West Bromwich
West Midlands
B70 8BA
Contact: Dennis Gwilliam
Tel: 0121 553 4098
Fax: 0121 525 9399
Mob: 07860 966 860
South West Distributor
Trim Acoustics (South West)

Lodge Way
Severn Bridge Industrial Estate, Portskewett
NP26 5PS
Contact: Terry Norman
Mob: 07860 966785
South East Distributor
Trim Acoustics (Enfield)

Unit 38
Redburn Industrial Estate, Woodall Road,
Contact: Richard Groborz
Tel: 020 8443 0099
Fax: 020 8443 1919
Mob: 07889 177688
London Distributor
Trim Acoustics (South Wimbledon)

Contact: John Robinson
Mob: 07855 422840
Southampton Distributor
CMS Danskin Refurbishment

Unit 41A Oriana Way
SO16 0YU
Contact: Alistair Ross
Tel: 02380 625568
Fax: 02380 625569
Mob: 07747 475163
Northern Ireland Distributor
Commercial Connections

37 Ballywillin Road
Co. Down
BT30 9LE
Contact: James Reynolds, Robert Johnston, Gareth Chambers
Tel: From UK 028 4483 1227 From Eire: 048 4483 1227
Fax: 028 4483 2747 From Eire: 048 44832747
Ireland Distributor
Commercial Connections

37 Ballywillin Road
Co. Down
BT30 9LE
Contact: James Reynolds, Robert Johnston, Gareth Chambers
Tel: From UK; 028 4483 1227, From Eire; 048 44831227
Fax: 028 4483 2747 From Eire: 048 44832747

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Soundproofing and Sound reduction advice from SRS

Soundproofing, sound insulation & sound reduction advice:
Domestic Soundproofing: Houses, Flats & Hotels. domestic soundproofing from sound reduction systems
Floors, Walls & Ceilings, Noisy Neighbour Solutions, Home Cinemas, Home Studios... Can't find a solution?
Soundproofing Offices & Commercial Buildings. Soundproofing Offices from sound reduction systems
General Offices, Boardrooms, Interview rooms, Video conferencing suites, Large Open Offices... Can't find a solution?
Public Sector Soundproofing. Public Sector Soundproofing from sound reduction systems
Housing Associations, Police Interview Rooms, Courtrooms, NHS Consultancy & Treatment rooms... Can't find a solution?
Sound Absorption Solutions. Sound Absorption Solutions from sound reduction systems
Acoustic absorption for reverberation in school halls, classrooms, community halls, restaurants... Can't find a solution?

Acoustics for Schools, BB93. Acoustics for School from sound reduction systems
Floors Walls and Ceilings, Acoustic control between classrooms Absorption in Gym’s, Canteens, Assembly Halls and other large areas... Can't find a solution?
Soundproofing Industrial & Entertainment Sectors. Soundproofing Industrial from sound reduction systems
Factories, Industrial Units, Cinemas, Theatres, Restaurants, Nightclubs, Bars, Gyms, Hotels... Can't find a solution?
Acoustics for Community Halls and Places of Worship. Acoustics for Halls and Places of Worship from sound reduction systems
Sound absorption and soundproofing solutions for Churches, Community Halls, Prayer Rooms, galleries, museums... Can't find a solution?
3-Step-Acoustic-Estimator. 3-Step-Acoustic-Estimator from sound reduction systems
Let SRS guide you to the perfect sound absorption solution to your reverberation problem...

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