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Acoustic insulation innovators, Sound Reduction Systems, are proud to announce revolutionary new changes to their market leading acoustic flooring underlay product, Acoustilay. Years of research and development have resulted in the creation of a product that is 100% recyclable, manufactured entirely in the UK, and that maintains all of the acoustic properties of the previous product.

The issue of sustainability in buildings has long been a major factor for specifiers when considering products for their projects. Houses can also be awarded ‘points’ for their acoustic and thermal insulation properties. Sound Reduction Systems have now combined both acoustic and environmental properties within their Acoustilay range, ensuring peace of mind in terms of acoustic performance and environmental impact, both with specifier and end user.

Acoustilay High Performance Acoustic Underlay - Easily installed onto floors

Acoustilay is manufactured entirely in the UK, therefore reducing the carbon footprint associated with imported goods. The barrier mat material, used to give Acoustilay mass, can be manufactured from pre, mixed and post industrial waste sources and is 100% recyclable at the end of its life. New Acoustilay is green in colour so specifiers, contractors and clients can be sure that the material on site is the new Acoustilay.

Acoustilay has long been a firm favorite with specifiers and end users due to its high acoustic performance, and ease of installation, and is often used to meet the requirements of Building Regulations Part E in flat conversions. However, Acoustilay is also widely used by people to simply upgrade the sound insulation of floors in their own properties for personal comfort.



Acoustilay high performance soundproofing system

  • Acoustilay can improve the airborne sound insulation performance of timber floors 
  • Acoustilay substantially reduces impact noise through concrete and timber floors
  • Acoustilay is simply laid under most floor finishes and can replace conventional carpet underlay 
  • Acoustilay is easily cut and shaped
  • Acoustilay minimises increase in floor level
  • Acoustilay is easily and quickly installed
  • Acoustilay can be used to meet Part E of the Building Regulations
  • Acoustilay can allow access to existing floor
  • Acoustilay is now 100% Recyclable
  • New Acoustilay is now 100% sourced and manufactured in the UK

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