SRS Maxiboard

Key Benefits
  • Significantly improves airborne sound insulation performance of walls and partitions
  • Meets Part E of the Building Regulations
  • Takes screws and nails direct
  • Minimal thickness - only 17mm thick
  • Extremely durable and robust
  • Suitable for refurbishment, conversion and new build domestic projects 
  • Suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial environments
  • Noisy neighbour solution for ceilings between flats and apartments

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Maxiboard is a patented composite soundproof board manufactured from cement and gypsum with a polymeric core. The composite building board produced offers excellent acoustic insulation performance and is a very strong, high impact resistant board, suitable for taking screws and fixings direct. Maxiboard is designed to be easily and quickly installed within many different types of buildings (domestic/commercial/educational/industrial) and is ideal for soundproofing new and existing walls and partitions.

SRS have a range of specifications for soundproofing walls and partitions using Maxiboard:

Maxiboard Masonry Wall Specification: Maxiboard is perfect soundproofing for masonry walls in domestic environments, whether for noise reduction from the neighbours next door for domestic comfort, or to meet the acoustic requirements of Building Regulations Part E.

Maxiboard Independent Wall Lining Specification: Ideal for reducing the sound transfer through separating walls in terrace and semi-detached housing, as well as flats and apartments. Whether you need to exceed the requirements of Building Regulations Part E or are looking for increased comfort and privacy, Maxiboard will offer the maximum acoustic performance for soundproofing walls in the minimum thickness.

Maxiboard Timber Stud Partition Specification: Maxiboard is perfect for soundproofing for both existing and new timber stud partitions.

Acoustic Performance:

Maxiboard Walls
  DnT,w (dB) DnT,w+Ctr (dB)
Maxiboard 1 side lightweight blockwork 52 47
Maxiboard both sides lightweight blockwork 60 49
Maxiboard Independent Wall Lining (1 side) 56 52
Maxiboard Timber Stud Specification 54 45

Independent acoustic tests carried out in accordance with BS EN ISO 140 parts 4 and 7 a rated to ISO 717 parts 1 and 2.  Please see the relevent system datasheet for test references.

For full installation guidance, acoustic data and product specifications, please download the Maxiboard Independent Wall Specification datasheet. If you are unable to find the information you need, please email your query to or call 01204 380074 for further assistance.

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