Key Benefits
  • Simply installed into an opening it expands to fill the gap
  • Very high expansion levels
  • Use as continuous strip or cut pieces
  • Forms good acoustic seal
  • Seals uneven surfaces
  • Clean and easy to use
  • Handy size rolls
  • Quick to install, no waste

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Soundseal is a high density impregnated polyurethane foam strip designed for making an acoustic seal in small gaps or apertures. Soundseal is supplied in pre-compressed coils, with a self-adhesive backing. Once unwound Soundseal expands to five times its original thickness, sealing the gaps and accommodating irregularities in any surface. Soundseal is ideal for use as a sealant between ceilings and partition heads, where partitions abut structural walls, or around the perimeters of floating floors. Clean and easy to use, Soundseal can be applied in any situation where a small gap needs to be filled to maintain acoustic integrity. The elasticity and flexibility of Soundseal is such that it will seal gaps between uneven surfaces such as brickwork and concrete, etc. Soundseal maintains its elasticity and responds continually to expansion and compression cycles without joint failure. Soundseal will remain flexible for the duration of its life.

For full installation guidance, acoustic data and product specifications, please download the Acoustilay datasheet. If you are unable to find the information you need, please email your query to or call 01204 380074 for further assistance.

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