Key Benefits
  • Provides high acoustic absorption performance
  • Screens the void through open-cell ceilings
  • Acoustic lining for walls, ceilings, machinery housings, and enclosures
  • Easily installed
  • Pleasant to handle
  • Clean and easy to cut
  • Class O fire rated Coustifoam
  • Available in a variety of finishes and with/without self-adhesive backing

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Coustifoam is a matt black acoustic foam, designed for installation where acoustic absorption is required (i.e. to reduce reverberation). It is ideal as an acoustic lining to soffits or walls, or for laying over the back of open-cell suspended ceilings. The flexibility of Coustifoam allows it to be easily formed around penetrations or follow any contour. Coustifoam is available in various thicknesses and surface finishes and conforms to fire classification BS 476 Class 0.

Coustifoam acoustic foam is available in roll and sheet form and is available in standard thicknesses of 6mm, 10mm, and 20mm on a roll. Special sizes and thicknesses of Coustifoam may be available on request. 

Should an improvement in the sound insulation performance of the suspended ceiling be required, SRS recommend the use of Soundblocker. Further details on Soundblocker can be found here: Soundblocker

CEILINGS - Laid across the back of the ceiling in rolls or placed into the panels in modular pieces. Where rolls of acoustic foam are laid loose across the ceiling and there is a possibility of air movement or up draught through the ceiling, it is advisable to secure the Coustifoam by means of wire or clips to the panel or grid.

SOFFITS AND WALLS - Coustifoam should be bonded to the soffit or walls by a general purpose latex or contact adhesive. On soffits dependent on the height and thickness of Coustifoam it is advisable to also use mechanical fixings.

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