Soundproofing your property type

Ceiling Soundproofing

To improve the soundproofing performance of any ceiling construction SRS recommend Maxiboard composite acoustic building board. Our most popular ceiling specification is Maxi 60 as this offers compliance with Part E and offers a 60 minute fire rating [...]

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Factory Soundproofing

Sound Reduction Systems Ltd (SRS) manufacture Maxiboard for use within factories. Maxiboard can be used to improve the sound insulation performance of existing walls and ceiling and also to fabricate enclosures for noisy machinery and plant [...]

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Floor Soundproofing

Sound Reduction Systems Ltd have an extensive range of acoustic flooring products to suit different performance requirements, different thicknesses and floor finishes. The best selling acoustic underlay we manufacture is Acoustilay 15 soundproofing [...]

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Wall Soundproofing


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Soundproofing Machinery, Pumps, and Equipment

SRS have a number of versatile acoustic products that lend themselves for use in soundproofing Machinery, Pumps, and Equipment. Although not designers of acoustic enclosures we recommend Maxiboard lined with Coustifoam or Soundstop acoustic curtain [...]

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Soundproofing Offices and Conference Rooms

SRS manufacture sound insulation and acoustic absorption products for use within office and conference room projects. For soundproofing performance on walls and ceiling we suggest Maxiboard acoustic boards. For suspended ceilings we have Soundblocker [...]

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Acoustics for Community Halls and Places of Worship

SRS Ltd supply a range of products that offer acoustic benefit within Community Halls and Places of Worship. The number one issue within these kinds of places is excessive reverb due to hard surfaces. The solution to this - our Sonata acoustic panels [...]

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Public Sector Buildings

SRS manufacture a number of acoustic products that are suitable for use within public sector buildings. We offer acoustic flooring products such as Acoustilay and Sonata sound absorption panels to control reverberation in noisy environments [...]

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