Traffic and aircraft noise problems

 Measuring Environmental NoiseIf you live next to a busy road, under the flight path to an airport or close to a noisy factory/nightclub then the chances are that you’ll be able to hear and be disturbed by this external noise. Sound Reduction Systems, the UK’s leading innovator, are frequently asked about problems like these and even though we don’t actually make products for this problem we are delighted to share our professional experience and expertise to help point you in the right direction.

External noise always passes through the thinnest lightest construction of the building; although our Maxiboard is very effective for soundproofing walls invariably you’ll find that the noise is passing through the windows or ventilation instead.

The most effective solution, frequently used by people who live near motorways, is to have secondary glazing fitted behind existing windows, introducing a second pane of glass that is at least 50mm away from the external glazing. This air gap is crucial, most people find the neatest solution is to simply seal their window sill in, and use a glazier and joiner to construct the new window. The glass can make a difference too; heavier thicker glass will work better.

Airbricks and trickle ventilators in windows can also allow noise in, it’s important to check that there is adequate ventilation prior to sealing them up on the noisy façade of the building.

Finally, a heavy, solid and tall fence can shield your property from a source of noise, potentially giving an appreciable improvement but always leading to some noise passing over the top.

If you find yourself suffering from an unreasonable or new noise then we recommend that you contact the source of the noise and try and work together to help limit both the noise and the impact that it has on you.

Sound Reduction Systems produce some of the highest performing materials for soundproofing walls, floors and ceilings as well as solutions for other aspects of building acoustics. Although we cannot help you directly for this kind of external noise problem we hope that this friendly advice is useful and that you can use local tradespeople to achieve a positive result.

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